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Beginning yoga? Have you decided that you want to lead a healthy life? Joined a yoga class online? Awesome! Before you start, make sure that your body is not used to performing yoga, and some muscles might be stiff.

Doing yoga regularly not only makes you healthy but also gives flexibility to your body. There are few techniques that you need to keep into consideration whenever you do yoga. This tutorial is perfect for beginners as well as professionals. Let’s see:

Here Are 5 Simplest Techniques to Do Yoga As Beginners:

1. Perform asanas slowly:

If you are a beginner then it is utmost important to learn about the postures first. Even if you are lying down on the floor in the sleeping position, you have to do it with proper posture. If you have hired a personal yoga trainer, then some of your techniques will be improved automatically as you will receive proper guidance.

Secondly, if you are following an application to do Yoga all by yourself, then it is highly recommended to first read about each asana, and you should know which body part will get affected by it.

2. Do not stretch much:

On the very first day of yoga, don’t stretch your body too much, otherwise you will experience severe pain for the next 2-3 days. Also, you can get strain on your muscles if you stretch them too much.

Before you start doing yoga, check on resources that how many seconds or repetition you should do on the first day, and then do it accordingly.

3. Eat meal 1 hour before you start:

You might have heard the term “pre-meal”. This is a moderate amount of meal that you take prior to your workout so there is a good amount of energy present in your body. If you are new in the yoga world, and you perform an asanas empty stomach, you might faint or feel tired. Even if you are a professional, it is recommended that you must do your yoga session after having a good meal only.

4. Perform yoga on a mat:

Though it is not a mandatory thing to do, thick mats for yoga are specially designed with foam material so it makes you and your body comfortable. Also, it might be a bit difficult for you to perform yoga on the floor as you won’t be able to form a proper posture which is necessary.

5. Stop comparing yourself:

Comparing yourself with other people is the worst thing one can do. Everybody is different, and results are completely dependent on how an individual is working out or taking their diet. Stop comparing yourself for others, and simply keep doing your workout.

All you need to do to get a proper body is follow two things without skipping it – i) workout and ii) eat a healthy meal. However, you can have and you should have cheat days for your cravings. Stay healthy, and stay positive.

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