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Many homeowners want to go for a coordinated look and so, they furnish their homes with matching pieces. However, experienced interior designers know that too many similar styles will make the space feel impersonal and boring. Once you choose your matching sofa and chair for the living room or bedroom, it is time to think different and add décor pieces that will jazz up the interiors.

If you are heading out a furniture outlet to search for new pieces of furniture or décor, here are some tips that you should keep in mind.

• A Splash of Color: Calming and cool are the latest trends of today. So, whether you choose white and gray or go for a light beige color palette, you may feel something is missing. The missing puzzle will be completed with the help of an accent décor piece adding a splash of color to your entire setting.

• An area rug: Once you splash a contrasting color neutral décor, a great way to tie it all together is by adding an area rug. Not only will the area rug combine the colors of your room, it can also be used to define the seating spaces and zones.

• A different style furniture: For example, if you are going to a dining room furniture outlet in CT, choose a contrasting color that complements your subtle colored living room.

Use these tips when you plan your décor. If you are searching for a reliable mattress outlet in CT, reach out to us.


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