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As the first member of his family to go into business independently, Ashish Tandon has successfully managed and sold multiple businesses in the fields of information technology and architecture, business to business solutions, internet services, and security. He possesses the rare combination of a deep understanding of technology and an exceptional business acumen. The award-winning architecture framework solution and training company that he founded and now runs, UKDA, has been recognized as a result of his leadership as the company’s founder and CEO. In addition, it has recurring annual recurring revenue (ARR) and multiple clients worldwide. The Application Architecture and technology solution company’s offerings include an architecture framework and consulting services.

Ashish Tandon – Education

Ashish earned a Master of Science in Advanced Software Engineering from MDU University and an MSc. Computer Science from the prestigious Edinburgh Napier University, United Kingdom. Entrepreneurs of new businesses in the modern era Because he is a frequent presenter at software architecture events and a contributor to the UK and international community, One of his many contacts includes the private and public sectors as well as a number of business organisations with whom he collaborates on software solutions, architecture services, and training requirements.

Ashish Tandon – Career

Some business people cannot forego their interests or hobbies in order to advance. Ashish Tandon is one of the few individuals to accomplish this feat, as he manages both the consulting and training aspects of a business career.

Ashish, an entrepreneur of the first generation, received his education in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Ashish assisted in founding the company. He is the chief executive officer of UKDA, one of India’s most successful architecture consulting and solution companies.

Ashish has worked in the architecture industry for the past 18 years, assisting organisations with their solution and training requirements.

Ashish Tandon – Hobbies

He was into a lot of different sports, but badminton was one of his absolute favorites. He was absolutely enthralled by the game, and he often dreamed about competing at the highest professional level one day. After injuring his leg while playing smash shots quickly, he was compelled to take a break from playing badminton for the time being. This break will be for a short period of time. In the end, he came to the conclusion that pursuing his dream of becoming a professional badminton player was less important to him than establishing his own company and working for himself. He has put in a lot of effort in order to build a name for himself in the world of business and earn the respect of his contemporaries.

Ashish Tandon – Personal Life

Regarding his personal life, there is not a great deal of information that is available to the public. However, as soon as we learn anything new, we are going to make it a top priority to revise and update this category.

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