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Hurghada tour

Traveling to Egypt dates back to the birth of civilization, making it one of the oldest destinations on Earth. For hundreds of years, visitors have been mesmerized by the majestic temples and pyramids of this African kingdom.

Travelers visiting Egypt are drawn not just by the country’s historic sites but also by the country’s diverse natural beauty. Visitors to the Sahara Desert may enjoy a refreshing dip in a natural spring oasis. If you are looking for the Hurghada Cairo Flight Excursion. Then in that case reach out to the Sun&Fun Reisen.
Here some of the best places that you can visit in Egypt:

● Aswan

At the southernmost tip of Egypt’s Nile Delta is Aswan, a large Egyptian metropolis. The city of Aswan is one of Egypt’s most enchanting surroundings. In the north, the Nile’s First Cataract, a sequence of shallow white water rapids interrupted by rocky islands, extends north to Khartoum. Granite cliffs overlook this first cataract. In ancient Egypt, it served as the main entry point to Africa and now is home to a sizable Nubian population. The Nubian Museum, which houses riches and antiques that were saved from the flooding of Nubia, is a great place to learn more about these people. Moreover, if you plan to take Day Trip Pyramids Hurghada. Then you will surely get great options by checking out the whole website of Sun&Fun Reisen.

● Hurghada

It takes six hours by bus from Cairo to go to Hurghada, an Egyptian beach tourist town on the Red Sea. It’s evident that Hurghada has a lot to offer with its beautiful beaches and warm seas. Book your Dolphin Excursion Hurghada by reaching out to Sun&Fun Reisen.

There are thousands of high-end resorts along the coast of this renowned vacation town that was formerly a little fishing community. It’s a popular diving destination in the Red Sea, and the coral reefs off the coast are full of vibrant colors. As popular, if not more, are activities like snorkeling, windsurfing, and jet-skiing. Reach out to the reliable platform and then consider booking your Hurghada Cairo Flight Excursion.


Built on the banks of the Nile, Cairo is an ancient Islamic city that is always shrouded in an ethereal veil of fog. Located close to the ancient capital city of Memphis, contemporary Cairo is a popular starting place for river cruises and visits to the Giza pyramids just outside the municipal boundaries. The city itself, though, is a veritable playground. Searching for the Day Trip Pyramids Hurghada? Perform the right due diligence before selecting the one.

● Luxor

Within a thousand years after the Great Pyramids were built, Egypt’s New Kingdom began, and authority transferred away from Memphis to Thebes in the southern region near what is now known as Luxor. For many years, Luxor was referred to as the “world’s biggest open-air museum” and a famous tourist attraction. With so much to see and do in Luxor, you’ll never run out of things to keep you occupied for hours. You’ll need at least a few days to cover it all. On the other hand, enjoy your Dolphin Excursion Hurghada by linking out with the right tour providing platform.

● Necropolis of Giza

Undoubtedly one of the most well-known places in the world is the Giza Plateau. Egypt’s Giza is on a plateau to the west of Cairo, but in recent years it has become a suburb of the capital city itself. In contrast to its modest beginnings as a horse-drawn carriage route, Giza has become one of Egypt’s most popular tourist destinations thanks to its high-end hotels, restaurants, shopping complexes, and nightclubs. If you are on the lookout to pick the best Hurghada Cairo Flight Excursion. Then connect with Sun&Fun Reisen.


We hope that you got to know about some famous places that you can easily visit in Egypt. Read the entire blog so that you can clear all your queries before commencing your excursion.

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