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Family dentistry offers oral care for members of a family who range in age, unlike general dentistry, which focuses on a specific age group.

Advantages of going to a family Dentist Kirkland in Washington

There are some of the main advantages to choosing a family dentistry office for people who require a dental professional who can handle the many issues that affect family members.

Streamlined dental care

Transporting family members to several dentists throughout town can be confusing and stressful given everyone’s hectic schedules for work, school, or extracurricular activities. Selecting a family dentist makes everything easier. It is more convenient to arrange for everyone in the family to get their regular cleanings done at the same time. Continuity of service and making use of the same dentist from childhood into adulthood also makes the patient/provider connection easier.

Increased number of services

Family dentistry must treat patients of all ages; thus, many clinics offer a wider range of services. Older patients may learn about tooth loss choices from their practitioner, while teenagers may be assessed for orthodontic requirements. There might be chances for other cosmetic improvements as well as tooth whitening. A family Kirkland Family Dentistry expert in Kirkland WA frequently takes care of this through a wide variety of areas of expertise if it is crucial that each family member has access to high-quality services pertinent to typical age problems.

Dental history centralized

There are developmental stages to oral health and tooth development even though dental hygiene habits are largely the same for all ages. Moving from a dentist who specializes in younger children to one who works with teenagers frequently might cause a minor hassle for families with several children in terms of records, imaging, and patient files. As family members get older, it is simpler to develop a solid bond with a single dentist who can manage all aspects of dental health. By keeping the record and dental history in one location, there is less possibility that important details or issues will be overlooked.

One-stop dental care

Encouragement of kids and teenagers to practice good hygiene can be difficult, but parents have the chance to lead by example while taking the whole family to the dentist. Smaller children discover that going to the dentist is nothing to be afraid of, especially when they witness their parents receiving care from the same dentist. This promotes oral hygiene as a priority, and when parental dental care behaviors are emulated, there is a higher possibility that children will develop more regular dental care habits.

Simplified billing

Maintaining a consistent dental office can simplify billing and insurance claims. It can be difficult to keep track of which providers might be in-network or whether services are covered by numerous distinct providers. There is less uncertainty regarding the cost element of dental care when everyone goes to the same place.

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