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When you want to straighten your teeth, you have two of the following options:

Metal braces in Westerville, or


Depending upon your orthodontic goals, your orthodontist in Westerville will suggest you the treatment, but if your condition is not too critical, you will be asked to present your choice.

In many cases, the standard braces come to the rescue, and you might think whether you are switch from braces to clear aligners in between.

Let us tell you that clear aligners do come with plenty of benefits such as no limitations on eating, painless, and more. Due to the benefits, these clear aligners are a go-to option for everyone with an orthodontic problem.

If you have already fixed braces in Westerville, and are wondering if you could switch to Invisalign, here is what you need to know.

Switching to aligners from braces

Well, you can switch to aligners easily even if you have had braces treatment earlier. Again, we would say it would depend upon your unique orthodontic goals. Standard braces may be the best option for you but you can switch after seeking help from your orthodontist.

Whatever you choose, do take permission from your orthodontist. He will be able to more about how to make a swift move from braces to aligners.

In which cases, I cannot switch to aligners?

Standard braces are designed to treat the most complex dental problems. But if you have developed your teeth at a wrong angle or you need any special movement, then clear aligners will not be the right option for you. A simple example would be – bridgework is not possible with aligners, in such cases, you must use standard braces for the same.

What are the situations that allow me to make a switch?

If your orthodontic goals are only to straighten the crooked teeth, you can probably make the switch immediately. Clear aligners do a good job at slowly moving crooked teeth and allow you to go about your day without showing off those pieces of metal in your mouth.

However, in certain cases you cannot make a switch immediately, but it may be possible to make the switch in the future. Cases where you have multiple orthodontic issues to correct. In the beginning, you can use standard braces to bridge your teeth and then later switch to clear aligners when you can straighten them all.

Making a switch

Switching from standard braces to clear braces doesn’t need to be complex at all. All you need to do is to talk to your orthodontist about your interests in the clear aligners and follow their instructions. Once your dental expert is convinced, you can make the switch easily.

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