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The absence of tactile contact between the upper and lower teeth characterizes open bites. During childhood, excessive thumb sucking and an unnaturally formed jaw are two common causes of open bites. You can begin to experience pain when eating or develop a speech impediment if you don’t fix your open bite using Invisalign or another technique.

Orthodontist in Novato crossbite therapy that works

Crossbites result from uneven upper and lower jaws. This condition is identified by one or more upper teeth that are biting the inside of the lower teeth. Both the front and sides of the mouth can develop crossbites. Invisalign is a fantastic solution if you believe you could have a crossbite.

Painless and relatively quick, Invisalign in Novato

A non-invasive alternative to metal braces is Invisalign. The use of conventional dental impressions is no longer necessary thanks to 3D digital scanning. For those with a strong gag reaction, this is fantastic news. Digital imaging is also less intrusive than traditional X-rays. For accurate Invisalign fittings, computer-aided design (CAD) technology is used. This indicates that the aligners will snugly fit against your teeth without causing any discomfort to your cheeks or gums.

Transparent appearance

A set of transparent, plastic aligner trays are used during the Invisalign treatment. They don’t obscure your face or smile because they are transparent. Teens, adults, and children who want to eliminate the appearance of the brackets and wires used in conventional metal braces can consider this option.

It’s relaxing

The fact that Invisalign aligners are composed of smooth plastic rather than the metal brackets and wires of conventional braces is one of the most frequent reasons given by the patients as to why they prefer Invisalign over braces.

It can be removed

Invisalign aligners may be completely and conveniently removed for eating, brushing, and flossing, in contrast to traditional braces that are glued permanently to each tooth. This means that you may take care of your teeth without having to worry about dietary limitations or using additional tools to thread floss under and through heavy wires.

It’s evident

Because they are constructed of clear plastic, as their name implies, Invisalign aligners are created to be virtually undetectable while you are wearing them. Another important factor in favor of Invisalign over other orthodontic treatment choices among many of the patients.

It’s successful

Many people are unaware that Invisalign may address a wide range of issues, including overbites and improperly positioned teeth. While conventional braces were once required to treat certain conditions effectively, modern technology has made it possible to cure an increasing number of conditions with the comfort and ease of Invisalign.

It’s simple

Last but not least, the ease of using Invisalign is one of its best features. All you have to do is make an appointment with an orthodontist, and they’ll determine what steps need to be taken to support your goals. They will then devise a strategy to carry it out! You’ll soon be smiling like you’ve never smiled before.

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