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Chetan Rana started his working career serving as an IT employee & used his network engineering diploma to succeed & become the IT face of the Visa Head & Immigration Consultant Company based in Delhi. “Dreams become a reality in bigger cities” with this thought, in 2010, he left his home state Uttar Pradesh & moved to Delhi, but life wasn’t easy for him in Delhi. 

Although he had a job, he was economically dependent on his brother. Plus, he wasn’t happy with his work profile. Like any other middle-income group, his family wanted him to excel in his job & lead a comfortable life. However, he had different plans of building his own company, but his family was against his ideas. In between the emotional & physical conflicts, he lost his father in 2015, which made his work even more unpleasant. Gathering the courage, he left his job in 2016 to start his own Immigration Company with less than ten employees working in a single office in Delhi and within no time, the company grew to heights. 

The company owns three offices in Delhi, working over 50 employees and owns one of the topmost trusted Immigration companies in Delhi & now, Entrepreneur Chetan Rana dreams of building the company to the global level. The kick start of the company with impressive numbers in no real-time shocked everyone, including his family and the remarkable growth helped Chetan Rana establish himself as a successful Entrepreneur and a celebrity status in the entrepreneurial community. 

His father was a farmer & his mother was a social worker, so he has seen life closely. His parents’ inherited social values pushed him towards noble causes, & his passion for giving life to others made him Chetan Rana – a social worker. It seems that the inherited social values never left his heart, and even after securing an unconquerable position in the existing crowded market, he never shifted focus from the quality of clients rather than the client’s quantity. 

Plus, his top-leading immigration company aims to provide full support from beginning to end so that students can have their dreams of settling in foreign nations without hindrance. Along with that, his company is also known for taking care of its employees. He rose to a working-class joint family and understands the relationships that a loved one brings to the table. Therefore, he offers kind service to his employers to maintain a healthy personal & work-life balance. Such as its office timings are 10 am to 6:30 pm, and no work calls after 6:30. Thus, he is also a man of an excellent visionary whose contagious aim is to make other’s life better with his work. 

The entrepreneurial success plus celebrity status from his social work hit Chetan Rana in the formative years of his life. Still, he kept himself grounded over the years & continued working for making other people’s lives better each day, therefore becoming a Youth Inspiration

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