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Finance jobs

Do you want to gather some ideas about finance jobs in Dubai (UAE)? If yes, then this guide lets you understand the process. Dubai’s financial and banking sectors faced a very bad phase in their recent past.

In 2016, layoffs were at the peak out there. But due to the adoption of digital technologies and VAT technologies, the glorious days of finance jobs in Dubai are back.

Dubai is the most preferred destination for people worldwide to work abroad. Especially Indians prefer to work there due to the excellent salary package. But getting Finance Jobs in Dubai is not an easy task for Indians. There are also more scams around this process, and everyone must be cautious.

Financial and Banking Services in Dubai:

A career in finance and banking services provides more money management services, including retail banking, customer banking, investment banking, credit operations, public relations, marketing, and much more. It is a popular field with more opportunities for development and growth.

You must have a bachelor’s degree and more passion for work to get jobs in Dubai. You also must have the ability to handle clients and customers effectively and enjoy working with numbers.

Completing a master’s degree from abroad like UK and USA can give you a great boost to get finance and banking jobs in Dubai. In the past few years, the financial and banking sector has faced rapid growth in its industry. Its rapid growth and advancement have opened much global banking and financial career opportunities backed by huge earnings and wealth.

The finance career is international, and hence it offers an incredible opportunity for beginners, and fresher’s to get a better idea about the worldwide economy. Also, more private and international bank setups have opened more opportunities globally for deserving candidates.

The finance and banking sector is heading up, and shortly, they will open many new private and international banks. It will bring new job opportunities for people across the world.

Compared to other countries, Dubai offers endless opportunities for everyone to get finance jobs.
Many companies in the financial and banking sectors are located in DIFC – Dubai International Financial Centre. Hence banking sector in Dubai is looking for deserving candidates. It includes various positions like account manager, relationship manager, director, financial manager, financial analyst, advisor, telemarketer, teller, and more.

How to get finance jobs in Dubai?

You can go through the highly trusted job websites if you want a better job in Dubai’s financial and banking services sector. The job sites or recruitment agencies you choose must effectively have a 100% job guarantee reputation.

Many fraud sites are completely Dubai job scams. They will promise you get a high-salary job with a fantastic lifestyle in Dubai. But they will get your money and run away. They will never let you know that getting jobs in Dubai is complicated.

Required Degrees for getting Finance Jobs in Dubai:

• MSc Investment Banking
• MSc Banking & Finance
• MSc Business Analytics
• MSc Finance and Risk Management
• MSc Finance
• MSc Data Science (Big Data)
• MSc Actuarial Science
• MSc Economics
• MSc International Business
• MSc Strategic Management
• MSc Accounting
• MSc Marketing
• MOOC courses and Professional Certifications

Final verdict:

Getting a job in Dubai is not as easy as you think. You have to cross multiple rounds of interviews and thorough background verification. Therefore applying for a job in Dubai will never be easy. The only way to get a banking job in Dubai is to put in your complete effort and prepare hard.

You must develop your ability to crack the interview, background verification, clearing the application process, and deep checks. So why are you still waiting? Get ready to apply for finance jobs in uae and boost your career. Get help from a leading recruitment agency to get a certified finance job in Dubai.


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