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Losing someone is one of the most painful moments in life, especially if they are your relatives, friends or a loved one. There are many people who are highly sensitive, and cannot bear the loss of their loved ones, hence they end up going into depression or shock, and ruin their lives.

There are many people who are eager to know the answer to a lot of questions regarding spirituality, and what are the ways to move on in life. This informative guide is covering 5 frequently asked questions about life and how you can begin your journey with just the blessings of your loved ones.

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Moving On in Life:

1. Why is my mother not able to recover from my father’s demise?

Loss of a father is devastating indeed, u losing a husband – the pain of this is beyond our imagination. To this, Dr. Rachna K Singh, an HOD of Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon has responded in a very factual way. As per her research, different people recover by following different patterns.

She also says that, try to spend time with your family as much as possible, and instead of thinking about what has happened, cherish all the moments you spent with your father, and try to convince her to focus again on her life by keeping her husband’s love alive in her heart. This will help her to make a new vision.

2. Should I get affected with what people say about me?

Getting affected when someone says bad about you is completely normal. It is similar to feeling good when someone appreciates you. However, if someone insults you or talks negatively about you behind your back, you should simply ignore them instead of thinking about what they said.

If you will remain affected by their words, it will be your loss not theirs. You should keep the focus on the goals on what you want to achieve, and what your mission is in this life. This is the basic mantra to stay positive, and change your life’s journey.

3. I left my family for money, now I am not happy, what should I do?

Always remember in life that money can only complete your usability needs, it is not the source to live life happily. There are many people who give a lot of importance to money, and for money they abandon their family members which is no less than a nightmare.

Everybody must dream about leading a good life but only focusing on the penny won’t give you that immense happiness that you will receive from your loved ones.

4.  I am not happy at my workplace, but I don’t want to leave either? I’m confused:

The door of opportunity opens every day, and a human being should not underestimate their capabilities in any way. There is always a fresh day to learn something new, and you can take advantage of every single day.

Today’s world is running on digital platforms, and there are tons of resources available that you can go through, and pick the one in which you are interested. Once you are confident with the subject, you can grab a new job, and feel the job satisfaction.

5. My mother-in-law does not behave properly with me, what should I do?

Winning someone is important when it comes to building relationships. If you are not happy with the behavior of your mother-in-law, sit with her, and have a conversation with her regarding what are the things she doesn’t like in you, and how you can improve yourself. This will bring peace in-between, and she might change her behavior towards you as well.

Though, overcoming someone’s demise takes a lot of time, you have to move on to live your life. In these types of scenarios “acceptance is the key”, and the moment you will accept the fact that your beloved person is ready for a new journey, you will start living your life as well.

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