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Regarding the Publication:

The “From Dark to Light” book tells a beautiful tale. It is the tale of pumpkins that battled the darkness to be seen and wanted to be loved. Kids will be taught about the life cycle of a pumpkin in this story by watching Pumpker pull out the seed and plant it. In a similar way, children don’t wait to be adults; instead, they emerge from the earth and wait for the right opportunity to be picked by a family and brought to their house. Both the book’s cover and content are attractive. It is one of the most widely read children’s books. This book does a good job of describing a pumpkin’s life, from seed to mature pumpkin. This book does a good job of describing life’s problems and how overcoming them builds character. On October 10, 2017, the publication “From Dark to Light” was released.

The author of the book:

Teenage Italian American Isabella Murphy is the author. She is 17 years old. Together with her family and 2 dogs, she resides in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Isabella enjoys writing as well as dancing, music, and athletics. She is eager to continue writing stories that delight her audience. She just received the Half Moon Bay Library Teen Poetry 2018 prize for her poetry, “I felt Rhapsodic.” She is returning all of her earnings in support of a cause to save the children. She worked together with an illustrator named Natalia Perez. Becoming an author in the initial stage from a writer is very amazing. When she was twelve, she composed this book,” From Dark to Light“.

Everything is changed by perspective:

The kids may easily relate to it. His life is being made as uncomfortable as possible by the relentless tormenting of the Pumpker sisters. He simply wants to escape the cruel mocking. He and his sisters, however, were picked by members of the same family. The primary teaching for the kids is what will occur next in the tale. Given that the author is a child in heart, the concept of the piece is fantastic. Her chosen personalities demonstrate her tenacity. Pumpker doesn’t want the pressure of the outside world to limit him. One of the most well-liked children’s novels is From Dark to Light because it provides readers with endless motivation.

Why This Publication Should Be Read by everybody:

It is one of the best Halloween books to read to toddlers or youngsters, and kids will also find it amusing and engaging. Students attending school must read this honorable work to expand their knowledge base. A boy pumpkin called “Pumpker” who is planted next to his 2 sisters, “Plumpalicious” and “Plumpilina,” and who aspires of blossom and sunlight until he is ultimately chosen by a household for Halloween is the subject of the charming story in the “From Dark to Light”book. His sisters made fun of him a lot because they have different priorities. To stop the bullying, he requested to be chosen by a family for Halloween.

Subsequently, a family concurrently selected Pumpker and his sisters for Halloween. When they brought them home, Pumpker was thrilled to be both frightening and attractive. They all have large, ominous eyebrows. They are also handed candles so that at nightfall their chiseled heads will glow with illumination. It is a motivating tale that leads the young men on a thrilling voyage while explaining a pumpkin’s entire life. It falls into the categories of children’s books, picture books, pumpkins books, and Halloween books.

In conclusion:

This adorable picture book describes a pumpkin’s life. The difficulties the Pumpkin encountered are comparable to our own. Therefore, it got great reviews, and parents should encourage their kids to read it since it encourages them to use all their abilities to accomplish their objectives. This book is offered in stores and online. Additionally, Amazon has it for sale. The Spanish edition can be found in physical and online stores. The E-book is currently offered on Kindle. This book would be ideal for reading on Halloween.

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