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Drinking a lot of alcohol leads people to death. It is a slow poison that damages your liver, and you spend your last days on your deathbed. Neglecting these negative things, there are a lot of health benefits of drinking liquor as well. If you drink alcohol in a moderate amount on a regular basis, you can prevent yourself from heart diseases as well. 

In today’s guide, you will find how you can get rid of alcohol if you are trying to leave it desperately. In one of the Q&A sessions, a woman asked a doctor, “My husband can’t stop drinking, what should I do?”

To this, Dr. Ishita Mukerji replied in a brilliant way –

People enter into relationships when they feel emotions for someone, and want to spend most of their time with them, and lead a happy life. When we love someone, we accept all of their good as well as bad habits. With time, and different scenarios coming into life, couples dopt different habits.

Below are some tips, that can help you to prevent your husband from drinking endless amount of alcohol:

Help Your Husband to Minimise Drinking: Follow These Simple Tips:

1. Communication can solve 90% of the problem:

If you know that your hubby is an alcoholic and you don’t like it, you can have a communication with him instead of fighting with him or shouting at him regularly. Fighting will invite more misunderstandings, and it will be more difficult for your husband to leave this habit.

Spend some time alone with your husband, ask him what process is running in his mind that is making him an alcohol addict, is he facing any problem or taking stress about something, and try to find the core behind this. It will help both of you to tackle the problem, and solve it,

2. Involve him in workouts:

Exercise keeps your muscles busy, and doing yoga or meditation everyday makes you feel relaxed. A person  gets addicted to alcohol only when he or she suffers from a lot of stress or financial, social or family problems.

Spend some time in gardens in the morning, and feel the fresh air, talk about your goals, targets, and vision.

3. Personal space is necessary:

Many times we think that we can control our partner, this is a myth! We all are souls on a journey, and nobody has a right to control us. If your partner says that he needs time to think, and solve some of his personal issues which he is not comfortable in sharing, don’t force, and give him his personal space to sort things out. This will make it easy for him to quit alcohol faster.

4. Take Your Husband to Your Parties:

Living alone kills a person from inside. If your husband is shy, and doesn’t like to be social, it’s fine! But don’t leave him alone on the special occasions such as festivals, or parties you both are invited in, and more.

Loneliness makes a person unhappy, and it might happen that if you both are working, it won’t be possible for you two to give proper time to each other. So, make sure he has some friends with whom he can share his problems as well.

Spreading positivity in the environment is crucial and it is a necessity because today’s world is a bit cruel and there is a society who keeps poking people without reason. You might heard the phrase – slow, and steady wins the race, so, try to make your husband understand the importance of health, and life, and then slowly observe the bright change.

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