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Dental Vocational Course

In general, the dental assistant is the expert who supports the dental office operations by performing clinical and administrative duties. Such duties are preparing patients, scheduling appointments, taking x-rays, and sterilizing instruments.

Dental assistants have a great career outlook. When you want to get into the dental assisting career, you can use the Online Course in Dental Assisting. The post-secondary training program has duration of 9 to 11 months based on the educational path you choose. To know more, read this guide further.

Education Requirements of Dental Assistant

• High School or GED

Generally, completing high school will take around 4 years, while completing the GED certificate will take about 3 months. Currently, high school students are highly interested in dental assisting. Such students might need to consider taking chemistry, anatomy, and biology classes.

• On-the-Job Training

Some will choose to learn the dental assistant job through on-the-job training. These trainees will be guided by an experienced dental assistant, dentist, or hygienist. With that, they can learn dental terminology, daily tasks, and names of instruments, file patient records, schedule appointments, typical dental office activities, and interact with patients. The time taken to complete this kind of training mainly depends on the dental office.

• Post-secondary Education

Most of the candidates want to get into the dental assistant training program at a post-secondary institution like a community college or vocational school.

This Dental Vocational Course in Cebu Philippines may take anywhere between 9 to 11 months based on whether you have an associate degree, certificate, or diploma. The curriculum of this course consists of both hands-on training and classroom lectures in the clinical setting.

The dental assisting course entails programs on dental office administration, oral anatomy, dental radiography, and dental materials. Community college courses include general education classes such as Math or English, unlike vocational courses.

• Certifications

Licensing and certification requirements differ from one state to other. Some states must need dental assistants to be appropriately certified. Therefore, dental assistants must find the dental board of the state where they want to work.

Mandatory skills for dental assistants:

The mandatory skills for dental assistants are:

• Expose dental radiographs
• Chairside dental assisting
• Dietary counseling according to oral health
• Oral hygiene instruction
• Applies and removes dental dam
• Selective coronal polishing
• Applies treatment liner
• Takes preliminary impressions
• Applies fluoride
• Applies and removes matrix and wedge
• Applies desensitizing agents
• Applies pit and fissure sealant
• Performs tooth whitening using trays
• Applies topical anesthetic

Dental Assisting Courses:

The dental assisting courses are:

• Dental Microbiology
• Dental Materials Safety
• Preventative Dentistry
• Dental Radiography Principles
• Dental Record Keeping

Top reasons to become a dental assistant:

Check out below to know the top reasons to become a dental assistant:

• Versatility
• Job Security
• Great Dental Foundation
• Accelerated Education Path
• Community Impact
• Job Satisfaction
• Healthy Work Environment

Steps to becoming a dental assistant:

Here you can explore the effective steps to become a dental assistant. Have a look at below:

• Decide on the best educational path
• Complete the externship
• Choose the focus
• Complete state licensing or certification requirements
• Undertake other forms of licensure or certification
• Land an entry-level job
• Return to school

Final verdict:

From the scenario mentioned above, now you have explored the impact of becoming a dental assistant. Get into the Certified Dental Assisting Philippines and shine your dental career to the next level. Apply for the course today!

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