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Teddy bears are lovely, and cute. They can make any girl smile no matter how many years old she is. A woman always tries to keep her life full of happiness, and go to the last extent to keep her family happy as well. Sometimes, a woman also needs a lot of appreciation for all efforts that she puts into her world, to make it a happy place for the people she adores.

Coming to the point, if you are trying to impress the lady you love, but don’t know where to start from, then we have the solution for you! In this guide, you will know how you can confess your feelings by gifting different colors of teddy bears!

Use these colors of Teddy Bears to Express Your Feelings:

1. Red Teddy Bear:

Red is indeed a color of love plus danger. When it comes to expressing what you feel about a girl in front of her, this color will give you courage to speak about how much you love her, or without speaking she will understand all that you are not able to say. Red is also a color of danger, so make sure you are not inviting troubles. Well, this was only for fun, but yes, if you are in love, and want to express your feelings directly, then stand in front of your crush with a red teddy bear in hand, and see the magic.

2. Blue Teddy Bear:

Blue is the color of the ocean. And gifting someone a blue color teddy bear means the love of yours for them is quite deep like an ocean, and your feelings are pure. If you are in love, and want to express your love without saying any word, then this is the best way to take a step ahead. You will surely get a positive answer in return if your crush also loves you.

3. Green Teddy Bear:

Green color represents the signal of moving ahead, but here the context is bi different. Gifting someone a green color teddy bear means you are ready for the other person to love you back if they are not ready at the moment or it is ok with you if they don’t love you back.

This green teddy bear simply conveys a message that you are deeply in love with the person, and ready to wait till the end. This is one of the best ways to express your love if you are sure that the person whom you love doesn’t love you.

4. Orange Teddy Bear:

Orange teddy bears are quite special. If you give someone an orange teddy bear, it represents a message that they are soon going to receive a marriage proposal from your end. Marriage is one of the most surprising gifts you give to your partner after being in a relationship for a certain period of time, and if your partner knows the meaning of an orange teddy bear, then you are going to make that person smile their whole life. It is a sweet gesture to choose.

5. Pink Teddy Bear:

Pink color is the favorite color of women. It is a fact! And here gifting pink color teddy bears means you love your partner unconditionally. And if the other person accepts the teddy bear means that person is also in love with you.

6. White Teddy Bear:

White teddy bears are highly adorable in appearance. This color represents peace, and innocence. If you had a bad fight with your partner, and want to solve it, then the best approach is to buy a nice white teddy bear, and give them. This will eliminate all the problems between you two, and bring peace.


Above listed are the 6 different types of colors of teddy bears that you can give to someone to express your feelings. Falling in love with someone is a blessing by god, and you should cherish each & every moment with your partner no matter how far you both are.

Even though long distance relationships are hard, you can send these teddy bears to let the other person know that you miss them a lot and they are always in your thoughts.

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