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The Cigars Toronto are a great way to celebrate special occasions. Each cigar has a different flavor, wrapper, body, size, and taste. When shopping for cigars, know what you must look for to know how to get the best cigars.

What Kind of Body for the Cigar Must You Choose?

The cigar’s body depends on intensity or strength and has a unique taste. Many smokers like full-bodied cigars, and the novices might enjoy smoking something lighter. When looking for the best ones, try them to see if you want the mild cigars. Also, you can choose cigars that are overpowering and strong. Choose the ones that are pleasing to your taste.

What about the Size, Shape, and the Gauge of the Cigar?

Usually, the stogie is the most popular type of cigar. When you smoke stogies, you can enjoy the smoke over an extended period. It is a short cigar that you can enjoy for its pleasing smoke. The shape of the cigar depends on the ring size. The cigar’s diameter may be around 64ths of an inch after you break the cigar.

Which Cigars to Pick Out?

It is best to start with mild cigars to gauge the taste. Examine the wrappers and the leaves. The leaves can range from pale green to black. The darker their color, the stronger they are. As you smell the cigar and the smell is appealing, then you will enjoy it.

Check the quality of the cigars. The cigars must be firm, not hard. If it crackles once you press it down, it remains exposed to too much air.

What Kinds of Flavor is Best?

The enjoyment of and preference for tobacco flavors are also a matter of personal preference, just like the furnishings of a home or a good glass of wine. The flavor is a matter of taste. There are 24 distinct flavors in some cigars, ranging from creamy and sweet to earthy and leathery to musk and cedar, all of which are waiting for fans to discover.


There are many different sizes and shapes of cigars, each providing a slightly different smoking experience. A thinner cigar, for instance, will result in a more concentrated flavor, whereas a thicker cigar will result in a smoother and milder flavor.

What are the Types of Cigars?


Robusto, which has a ring gauge (diameter) of 50 and is renowned for its strength and flavor, typically measures about 5 inches long.


This stogie takes its name after the renowned English State head known for his affection for stogies and is regularly around 7 inches long with a ring check of 47-50.


This cigar has a ring gauge of 50-52 and is usually about 6 inches long. The Toro Cigars Toronto is a favorite among seasoned cigar smokers due to its rich, full-bodied flavor.

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