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There was a time when men preferred only fitting t-shirts but over decades things have overturned. Now, oversized t-shirts are also in style and actually preferred by men as mainstream fashion wear. Whenever you want to style streetwear then there’s nothing better than oversized white t-shirts for men. Although it may not fit like a regular t-shirt it offers a stylish and fashionable look. Overall, you can add an edge to your appearance with it. In this blog, you can find several fashion tips that will allow styling baggy tees fashionably.

baggy t shirt mens
Oversized Tees for Men

Men’s fashion tips to style an oversized white t-shirt

Most men find oversized clothing styles quite comfortable, adaptable, and versatile. Once you buy oversized white t-shirts for men and style it just like regular wear you find it boring to style in the same t-shirt again and again.

Here are 10 easy fashion tips that will allow you to make use of these tees and create unique style statements:

One of the best ways to style baggy t-shirts is to opt for a simple clean look. Without anything fancy print, you can pair these plain white tees with jeans and obtain an elegant look. You can further add accessories like a cap or beanie to this look. Although this is a simple look suitable for any casual outing you can try styling oversized white t-shirts for men with ripped jeans or shorts for an added spice to the overall look.

With oversized tees, if you have selected white colour then that doesn’t imply it is boring. Instead of choosing simple plain bottoms, you can play around with different patterns and colours. These days stripes are highly in trend so choose black and white striped trousers to pair with baggy t-shirts men. You can also choose another colour combination of stripes or multi-colour stripes and pair it with a plain white tee. For this look make sure the tee is not too loose then only the entire attire will appear together.

In case you have plans to style oversized white t-shirts for men in light winters or when there are chilly winds outside then the best combination will be a checks shirt. For a semi-formal appearance with a baggy t-shirt for men, you can try this combination. Pair with skinny jeans or trousers and you are ready for a classy look. This attire is suitable for school or college parties, weekend outings, and even for date night.

If you have oversized white t-shirts men then you can actually layer it with another plain t-shirt. For a simple yet trendy streetwear look, layer two plain t-shirts together. As the first one is already white so make sure the other tee with which you are layering is in some other contrasting colour. Layering with an additional colour will make you appear effortlessly classy. For bottoms, try light blue washed jeans that will make you fashion ready.

Denim jackets are the best combination with any type of baggy t-shirt for men. A classic blue denim jacket when layered with oversized white t-shirts for men adds structure and offers a chic hipster look. If you are looking for a fashion tip to style on a more formal occasion then tuck in the white tee and layer with the denim jacket.

Take a long sleeve striped shirt and wear it under oversized white t-shirts for men. This is an entirely unique combination and you can easily obtain a cool and edgy look in it. Just like other layering options this option also adds structure to the outfit. You can easily try this attire for any semi-formal occasion. As you have selected oversized white t-shirts, dark coloured striped shirts will be the perfect fit for this combination.

Sweater vests are highly in trend and you can actually use them as layers with oversized white t-shirts for men for a stylish look. To look trending you should choose loose trousers or baggy jeans with this combination. A v-neck sweater vest in a contrasting colour is a great choice and you will be amazed by the look that you can create with this entire combination. The only thing that you need to remain careful of while opting for this fashion tip is that you don’t opt for v neck baggy t-shirts men with a v-neck sweater vest as that will be a mismatched combination.

In this blog, we have already discussed lots of layering options for baggy t-shirts for men. If you have plans to style oversized white t-shirts for men during the winter or spring season then you can layer them with a hoodie. You can opt for graphic hoodies to add a fun element to the look. However, if you want to keep the look simple and elegant then a plain, neutral colour hoodie will serve the purpose well. Slim-fit jeans or a pair of casual trousers will be the perfect bottom for this combination.

In winter you can layer them with lots of things like hoodies, sweater vests, blazers, jackets, and a lot more. Similarly, in summer you can wear oversized white t-shirts for men with shorts. You can either leave the t-shirt falling or tuck it in the shorts for a chic summer look. Choose the white tees carefully as at times printed ones go well with denim shorts. However, for a simple classy look keep the tee simple and plain and experiment with the colours of the shorts.

It is winter and chilly outside! If you are looking for a combination that can impart you comfort as well as make you appear trending for the outdoor party then choose to layer oversized white t-shirts for men with a coat. This is such a combination that will not only enable you to create a style statement but also let you remain comfortable and cosy throughout the day. These days coats are also available in a variety of colour options. Depending on the occasion you can select the colour of the coat. Suppose it is a friend’s get-together party then go for vibrant colours else neutral colour coats will be the perfect pick. Pair this combination with blue-washed jeans and you are all set to rock the party.

baggy t shirt mens
Trendy Baggy T-shirts

Now, after reading these fashion tips for styling oversized white t-shirts for men you are also amazed looking upon so many ways of styling them. If you have a baggy white t-shirt in your wardrobe then you can easily create so many casual outfits and style them without any fuss.

For a trendier look, you shouldn’t keep sticking to any particular styling technique. Each one of us is different and has a unique personality. You should keep experimenting with patterns, prints, and colours and try out different combinations to obtain your own unique trending look!

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