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The GSC, or the “Girl Scout Cookies,” is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain of marijuana. It is a cross of the OG Kish and Durban Poison. The Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Seeds are quite a popular strain that produces euphoric effects in the ones who take them. It creates a wave of full-body relaxation.

Why Choose the Girl Scout Cookies Strain?

One of the feelings that this strain induces in people is the feeling of happy and hungry. It leaves them feeling stress-free. The strains boast a robust THC level of 19%, which is comfortable for experienced cannabis lovers.

The high content of THC level makes it perfect for people looking to consume marijuana for medical purposes. The high level helps the patients to find quick relief from chronic pain, stress, appetite loss, and nausea.

Flavor and Aroma

Another property of this marijuana strain that makes it a crowd favorite is the aroma of the seeds. The Girl Scout cookies strain smells sweet. It resembles a combination of chocolate, nutmeg, and brown sugar. Upon exhalation, one can also smell the lemongrass and pepper. The strain is very smooth to smoke and does not compromise the richness of its taste.

Effects of the Girl Scout Strain

The Girl Scout Cookies autoflower seeds on the first intake provide a burst of high energy and make people more attentive and creative throughout the day. After two or three takes, the users can go “deeper” into their heads. They tend to think a lot and analyze their thoughts. Some users have also experienced staring into space than experiencing deep reflection.

How to Grow the Girl Scout Strains

The Girl Scout strains are not quite the easiest strains to grow. However, they are not too difficult either. It is slightly more advanced. What makes it unique is the somewhat unpredictable nature of its growth.

The plant reaches a medium height whether it is growing indoors or outdoors. The indoor growers may need some height control. The ways to do so are by pruning and training. They have a short flowering time of 55-65 days.

These strains thrive well in a warm and sunny climate. In colder climates, the cultivators may have to grow these strains in the greenhouse.

An All-Rounder Strain

The strain’s flavor and smell make it a really popular one. The strain is on the shorter end and has around 22% THC. The unique flavor of this strain makes it a treat. It is one of the reasons why it is named after the cookies.

The earthy, pungent, herby aroma and flavor make it the perfect blend for first-timers and weed connoisseurs. The whiff of the strain can send the person into a trance and make their mouth water. Just a few puffs will completely calm their brain and bring peace to their nerves.

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