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Well, you are familiar with Invisalign already. From a treatment designed for adults, these aligners are also becoming popular among teens. So, if you were thinking that Invisalign is only for adults, it is time to break the notion. And against the common belief – Invisalign is a treatment suitable for people of all ages.

If we go back digging the history of Invisalign, we would find that the first type of aligners came to the market during 1998. During the initial stages of Invisalign, there were many restrictions on what types of cases it would treat and would not treat. Since that time, these aligners have undergone significant changes. Today, these aligners have evolved to treat the most complex orthodontic problems that would even include jaw alignment and other skeletal issues. Millions of orthodontic patients have taken advantage of this treatment if you need help, you can get in touch with your orthodontist in Suffolk County today.

Why do we say Invisalign is a great treatment for teens?

No Brackets or Wires

Teens love when they do not need to wear brackets or wires that ruin their look. Moreover, brackets and wires can irritate the mouth or fall off the tooth to create more fuss. When they can wear retainers there is no or very little emergency appointments.

Quick and Fewer Appointments

As compared the orthodontic appointment with braces, which take more time and are a pain in the neck, the appointment of retainers is easy going. At the most, your orthodontist in Smithtown will check your progress and also see if the retainers are doing their job well. Furthermore, with retainers, you will see your orthodontist less often. With Invisalign, you just need to see your orthodontist once in every 12-14 weeks.

No Food Restrictions

As there is no permanent metal piece attached to the teeth, there is no food restriction for the person wearing the aligners. One can just remove the aligners during eating and drinking and wear them again once the meal is finished. Not having any extra hardware on the teeth also allows the teens to brush and floss like normal, instead of having to take the extra time to brush and floss around the wires and brackets.

Even if your teen loses a set of aligners, the orthodontist will make it again. Also, your teen will have new set of aligners every fortnight so that eases the case more.

To explore more about Invisalign, know it from your orthodontist in Suffolk County.

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