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While many patients appreciate the discretion of clear aligners, some would rather use their orthodontic treatment as a means of self-expression. You may be able to pick the colour of your braces, so you can use them to cheer on your preferred sports team or to express a joyful holiday attitude. Of course, you are also free to select more subdued colours. You may choose the most attractive colours for your braces by taking into account things like the colour of your skin, the clothes you typically wear, and other elements.

By getting Invisalign in Novato to straighten your teeth, you can safeguard your teeth and stop bone loss. This can help you maintain strong, healthy teeth for the rest of your life.

No matter how much sleep you got the night before, if you wake up in the mornings without feeling particularly rested, you may have sleep apnea. Particularly untreated obstructive sleep apnea can seriously damage your health in a number of ways.

Treatment with clear aligners typically lasts one year. Braces typically last 18 to 36 months. But those figures can be a little deceptive. The use of braces to correct more severe cases of misalignment frequently results in extended treatment times. They are a very effective form of treatment. Your orthodontist can assist you in comparing the anticipated time frames for all of the orthodontic treatments that can help treat sleep apnea.

There is no denying that orthodontic work is a wise financial decision, but it may also be costly, particularly if you have multiple children who may require treatment. But metal braces are typically less expensive than plastic aligners. For some families, affordability might play a significant role.

Traditional braces are frequently more affordable than clear aligners. They are thus a good choice for families who want to maintain strict budget management. Additionally, while some dental insurance plans cover conventional braces, they are less likely to cover transparent aligners.

Your loved one doesn’t only snore amusingly when he falls asleep on the couch after supper. It can occasionally be a sign of the potentially dangerous sleep disease known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Your dentist may be a part of your OSA support team because it sometimes requires the combined efforts of numerous medical specialties to identify and treat this problem.

Both adults and children who have sleep apnea experience breathing pauses while they are asleep, which keeps them from getting enough rest. People may experience sleep apnea, which causes them to transition from a deep sleep to a light sleep, when their intake of the recommended amount of oxygen is decreased. As a result, some individuals could experience all-day exhaustion.

Your body calms down when you snooze. The best part is that, right? But occasionally, tissue relaxation leads to issues. The soft palate at the back of your mouth’s roof may collapse and obstruct ventilation. Additionally, your bottom jaw has a tendency to slide backward when you are relaxed, which can further obstruct the flow of air into your throat. Contact an Orthodontist in Novato who can help you tackle these issues.

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