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Traditional metal braces are still utilized because they are a tried-and-true way of straightening teeth that may correct any malocclusion. But thanks to Invisalign, we now have a practically unnoticeable substitute. Invisalign treatment softly moves your teeth into a straight position by using a sequence of clear plastic aligners that you wear one after the other. Orthodontist in Stoughton can generally correct the same orthodontic difficulties as braces and does it more quickly. You should speak with your orthodontist to determine which option is best for you.

In the past, wearing metal braces was the only option for patients who wished to have their teeth corrected by an orthodontist. Metal braces straighten teeth effectively, but they are not exactly regarded as being aesthetically subtle. Many adult patients do not want to wear metal braces for up to three years in order to get the straight teeth they want.

Traditional braces can take up to two years to treat on average. Every two weeks after starting Invisalign, you move on to a new aligner. You should visit your dentist every six weeks while undergoing treatment, and a normal Invisalign treatment plan can be finished in about a year.

Fortunately, modern orthodontists provide a popular substitute for conventional metal braces among orthodontic patients. With the help of cutting-edge computer technology, the Invisalign treatment may straighten teeth without having the obtrusive appearance of metal braces.

Due to its numerous advantages over conventional metal braces, Invisalign treatment has grown in popularity over the past twenty years. While traditional braces utilize metal brackets and wires to force teeth into position, Invisalign uses absolutely no metal to achieve faultless results.

The ability to remove Invisalign clear aligners is their greatest benefit. You are not restricted in what you can eat when you use removable aligners. Foods that are extremely hard or sticky that can harm the brackets and wires are prohibited when using traditional braces. You are not limited in any way because you can remove Invisalign to eat. You merely need to brush and floss after eating and put your aligners back in!

Braces in Stoughton is different from other systems since it makes use of transparent plastic aligner trays that gradually realign teeth. The aligner trays are designed specifically for you by a qualified orthodontic practitioner to comfortably fit over your teeth.

With all its rewards, using Invisalign is still a commitment to your orthodontic treatment. The aligners should be worn for up to 22 hours each day as directed by your orthodontist, and you should wash your teeth after meals before re-putting them in. To keep your results, you can wear the final aligner as a nocturnal retainer.

Its invisibility is arguably the most popular factor in patients’ decisions to use Invisalign for orthodontic treatment. The aligner trays are made of transparent plastic. You can straighten your teeth with this feature without anyone noticing.

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