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You can opt for an Emergency Childcare First Aid Course Whistler if you have a baby at home and are very concerned about their safety. You should necessarily undertake this course to learn the hacks and tricks to provide first aid care to your kids in case of any emergency.

Child care first aid in Whistler helpful at times of emergency 

This particular course is designed in such a manner that it provides a complete overview of CPR and First Aid techniques, and these are all taught to the trainees in an interactive environment. This is for those with infants or kids to care for at home or work. They cover skills that are required for recognizing, preventing & responding to different cardiovascular emergencies, CPR Level B, as well as other topics that include choking, breathing and airway emergencies & also prevention of the transmission of diseases.

Booking and payment 

You should first take a look at the listed courses that are listed in the schedule. Of all the courses listed, you can choose the best course that suits your life and requirement. Once you decide which course to choose, you will find the link with the course instructor’s contact details. You can contact the course instructor, clarify doubts, and then enrol for the course. Once you have enrolled for the course, you need to pay for the course by choosing one of the payment modes allowed. Then you will receive a reminder e-mail once the day of starting the course arrives nearby.

Policy of cancellation 

You can cancel your enrolment from the course and receive the complete refund at any time, which is one week before the initiation of the course. If you cancel your enrolment less than 24 hours of notice, you will not receive any refund.

The major contents of the Emergency Childcare First Aid Course Whistler

The major inclusions of the emergency childcare first aid course Whistler offered by sea to sky safety training services are as follows:

*Preparing for a response

*Check, Call, Care

*EMS System

*Emergencies in airway

*Circulation & breathing emergencies

*First aid measures for cardiac and respiratory arrest

*Spine and head injuries in infants and children

*Injuries in muscle, bone and joint

*Certain kinds of allergic reactions

*Sudden medical emergencies


*Environmental emergencies

*Keeping your infant/child completely safe


Taking up an emergency childcare first aid course Whistler is crucial if you have a baby at home to take care of. Babies are usually mischievous; thus, they can encounter any accident during their activities all day. If you take this course, you will be able to prevent your baby from any injury or damage.

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