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If you have a child in your care and you answered no, or yes with even the slightest hesitation, now is the time to learn First Aid Training For Child Care Providers. According to a recent Child Health Poll, 25% of parents are not confident in their ability to perform CPR on their child. While two out of every 5 parents were not that confident in their ability to save a sinking child.

Why Should Carers & Parents Learn First Aid?

Guardians and parents have a responsibility to their children, and you naturally want to keep them safe and healthy at all times. While first aid training may be one of those tasks you’ve been putting off, it’s critical for carers and parents. Children depend on you to know what to do if they are injured.

Finally, knowing First Aid Training For Child Care Providers gives you the ability to protect your family and loved ones as a parent or carer. It will also make dealing with a first-aid emergency less stressful because you will know what to do.

What Are The Advantages Of Parent And Carer First Aid Training?

*Understanding dangers and being able to avert dangerous situations, whether it’s plummeting the threats of injury around your household or when you’re out with your children, are important skills to have (beach, bike training, playgrounds, sporting venues).

*The ability to keep your entire family safe, not just your children.

*Being able to begin CPR or wound care before an ambulance arrives. This results in faster treatment of sprains, scratches, wounds, and other injuries, as well as a faster healing process.

*You will have peace of mind knowing that you have prepared yourself to respond to first aid emergencies that may arise inside or outside your home.

First Aid Training For Child Care Providers provides you with the knowledge and confidence to act in an emergency situation. Generally, when we think of first aid care, we often think of serious illnesses or injuries like severe bleeding or heart attacks, but first aid is so much more than that.

Some situations are more serious, and quick action can mean the difference between life and death. Many people in the childcare industry have heard harrowing stories about children choking in nurseries and childcare settings, some with tragic results.

In many cases, a child may only require comfort and reassurance, but because the damage or disease is more serious, you may need to offer first assistance or perhaps call an ambulance.. Making these decisions and providing immediate medical attention when necessary by getting the First Aid Training For Child Care Providers all to contribute to the best possible outcome for the child.

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