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Using bright red lipstick (or light shades, TBH) will help you feel underestimated. Whether you have a full face or not, a single push of the cherry screen will make you feel healthier and more confident. But in the same breath, it is not as annoying as when the lipstick gets dirty and has red spots around the mouth.

Between a flawless lipstick and a kiss from her dear and tender girl, the girls swing. Don’t panic; here are seven techniques to prevent your lipstick from going all over the place.

Pick a Lipstick That Holds:

Heavy-duty lipstick formulas exist today. These last for hours without fading, even if we eat, drink, or even kiss someone. Matte shades are the hottest trend this year. In case you have a date, we advise you to put the gloss aside.

Treat the application of lipstick:

If the lipstick is applied in a hurry, it will not last long. So take the time to apply it carefully. The best would be to apply it after having redrawn your lips using a pencil of the same color as your lipstick. Do not hesitate to pencil the lips with this same pencil to allow your lipstick to last a little longer. Finalize the operation by blotting the excess material with a tissue. This will effectively limit color transfer.

Make sure your lips are hydrated:

First, make sure your lips are moist and free of dry stains and flakes. To moisturize your lips, apply lip balm. Wait for the lip balm to sink completely into your lips before applying the product on top. Otherwise, the lipstick will show up.

Line your lips

Once your lips are moisturized, you should use a waterproof lip liner to fill all of your lips. It’s because a better water-repellent lip liner lasts all day long owing to its creamy formula and long-lasting retention. When you line your lips, strengthen your natural lips instead of coating them, as they prevent your lipstick from bleeding.

Blot your lips:

After applying lipstick, take the tissue and soak the lips without erasing the color. It’s a great way to really stain your lips and make your colors last longer even after an intimate kiss.

Apply more lipstick:

Next, it is essential to apply a little more lipstick after blotting. A common mistake when applying lipstick is not wearing enough fur.

Fixing the lipstick:

Fixers for lipstick already exist at several brands. You just need to get one to hold the lipstick.

You can also use a fine veil of transparent powder, which will freeze the color on the lips. Be careful, though; these two solutions tend to dry out the lips. Of course, take care of your lips by performing a gentle exfoliation and a homoplasmic mask every week. This will allow your lipstick to hold on better than ever.

Adjust your lips:

The final step in holding the lipstick in place is to adjust it. You can take a single layer of tissue, press it lightly against the lips and tap the solid powder on the lips with a soft brush.

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