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You hate when your liquid lipstick fades away or spreads all over the mouth when you accidently touch it or rub anything on your lips. Liquid lipsticks are love, but at the same time, it is a daunting task to handle it. To carry your lipstick for a longer time without facing embarrassment, there are certain things that you can do.

Keep These Points in Mind When Using a Liquid Lipstick:

1. Apply it with patience:

If you wonder that you will apply just a coat of the liquid lipstick, and slay, then you need to think again! If you are not a regular lipstick woman, then you need to first learn how to apply liquid lipstick. Initially, you will love the shade of your lips but if you want to show your lips more glossy, then first apply a balm, and then apply the lipstick in the shape slowly. Don’t be in a hurry because liquid lipsticks take time to set.

2. Wear basic makeup with liquid lipstick:

Liquid lipstick itself attracts all the attention. To perfectly match it with your complexion, don’t forget to wear a basic foundation shade. The foundation blending will give a standout affect to your lipstick which will make you look more sexy.

3. Apply limited coats:

Apply just a single coat of the lipstick on your lips, and check what type of look you are getting. If your shade is nude then applying 2 coats is required, if you are applying a lighter shade like red, pink or maroon then a single coat will work. If you will apply 2 to 3 quotes, it will disbalance the texture of your lips as well as the shade. However, if you still want to slay a light more than you can go with applying more coats but then make sure you are carrying it properly.

4. Remove lipstick before going to bed:

Don’t you think that sleeping with your lipstick on will harm your lips later? No matter what is written on the lipstick’s package, there are few chemicals that are present in the product which will leave an effect on your lips. Once your event is completed, remove the lipstick, and moisturise your lips to keep them smooth.

5. Use brush instead of lipstick bar directly:

Simply applying the liquid lipstick is not the key to perfection. If you want to show off your perfectly shaped lips then you need a brush using which you can give your lips a proper shape, and deep blended shade.

Slay with Attractive Colors:

When it comes to buying liquid lipsticks, there are millions of shades you get to choose from. Every shade might not suit you, so before you keep your hands on the lipstick, check the complexion of your face, and then choose accordingly.

Carrying your personality is a smart move which every person should implement in life. If you think that what the world will think about you, then it is eventually going to stop you from doing things you love. Stop thinking, apply the shade you love, and move like a boss!

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