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Money Plant does not need any introduction. It is immensely popular all over India for various reasons. This beautiful foliage has many benefits as well. People love to keep money plants in their homes and offices.

Money plant is also known as pothos. Thankfully, most people, especially beginners in gardening can also grow this plant. It comes with beautiful variegation on the leaves. Money plant is available in different varieties as well.

Many people believe that this plant brings financial prosperity and good luck to the family. And for that reason, it is named as money plant. The broad and shiny leaves are the symbol of vibrancy in life.

Apart from the Vastu reason, the Money plant is an excellent air purifier. You can keep this plant indoors to reduce the toxins in the air.

After knowing all of these benefits of pothos, if you want to have this plant then know the right way to care for this excellent plant, then check out the following section.

Care Tips for Money Plant:

Though money plant is hardy there are some problems like yellow or brown leaves that create concern among the gardeners. However, we have prepared full proof care tips so that you will face no challenge and your money plant thrives beautifully.

  • Soil for Money Plant: The money plant loves well-drained soil. You can prepare the soil with cocopeat, garden soil, and construction sand. Add compost and mix it well. Make sure there is no lump in the soil. It must be well-aerated so that roots get the required oxygen and water.
  • Sunlight: Bright indirect sunlight is the ideal factor for a thriving money plant. If you give the right place to your plant, then it will be more than happy and keep growing. Never keep the money plant under direct sunlight as it will burn the leaves of the plants. Just like that, don’t keep it under AC vents as the heat is harmful to it too. You can keep the plant indoors but make sure it will get light and fresh air. Shady or partial light is also a good option for this plant.
  • Water: Money plants can grow like crazy if the water condition is right. Even the under-water condition is not a bad option at all. However, over-watering is something that can harm the plant. The growth of the plant will be disturbed by over-watering. The soil needs to dry up completely between two watering sessions. Always check the soil with your finger and then add water if required. On the other hand, the gap of the watering should not be too long that the soil starts to crack.
  • Fertilizer: The money plant is a low-feeder. You should not add a huge amount of fertilizer to the soil as it can burn the leaves. Add twice organic compost twice a year in March and November to get maximum growth of the plant. If you want, you can also add liquid fertilizer once a month. Apply the fertilizer only in the evening otherwise, it can damage the roots.

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