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The appearance of the skin of the face depends on many factors. The position adopted for sleeping is one of them. A position would therefore be preferred to limit premature aging and sagging of the epidermis.

This is no longer a surprise to anyone: sleep is essential for health. A sufficient number of hours of sleep is both restful for the body, good for morale, and an anti-stress solution. But when it comes to the appearance and youthfulness of facial skin, not all sleeping positions are created equal.

Sleep on your back to have beautiful skin

Sleeping Beauty and Snow White wouldn’t look so radiant if they had napped in another position.

The skin of the face breathes during the night; it is, therefore, “fresher” than when sleeping with the face buried in the pillow whole or half. The angle adopted by the neck and the cervicals allows blood to circulate optimally and irrigate every vessel in the face. This ultimately helps limit the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck.

In addition, this allows night mask-type products to penetrate quietly and, therefore, the epidermis to benefit from the benefits fully.

Sleeping on your stomach is bad for the skin

Only 8% of the population would sleep on their backs, according to Business Insider. This, therefore, means that 92% of the population sleep on their stomach or on their side. However, these positions are not to be favored, in particular for the benefits of the skin.

These positions particularly promote sleep acne. The skin is suffocated in a pillow, does not breathe, and imperfections appear easily.

In addition, when sleeping on your stomach or on your side, blood circulation is not optimal and leads to a phenomenon of “puffy face” or pillow traces. Unfortunately, night after night, and year after year, the damage is irreparable on the distended epidermis.

Sleeping on your side

Although it’s the best position for sinus problems, however side sleeping can lead to wrinkles on your decolletage and the side of your face you lie on. An important factor in aging during sleep is the shear force generated by the movement of the skin towards the pillow. You might think it’s not big enough to make a real difference to your skin overnight, but you can imagine how years of sleep can increase it and make your face age faster. If you find yourself lying down at night, invest in silk or satin pillowcases to prevent skin abrasions and minimize these negative effects.

Tips for adopting a good sleeping position

  1. According to experts, therefore, it is necessary to try to sleep on your back. Unfortunately, many people cannot take this position naturally. They can therefore raise their head more and sleep on a “slightly inclined plane” to promote blood circulation. For this, an additional pillow can do the trick.
  2. Those who are afraid of having back pain when sleeping on their backs can opt for a cushion or pillow under the knees. This is a trick that pregnant women have used for centuries to relieve back pain.
  3. But the bad news, the position on the back promotes snoring. It remains to be seen whether your partner prefers you to have beautiful skin when you wake up or to have a good night’s sleep himself.

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