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This article will discuss the career path of a React developer. Read on to learn more about the necessary skills and duties.

React has become a popular web development tool due to its simple design and open-source nature. Learn how to become a React developer in just three steps.

Who is a React developer and what are their responsibilities?

React developers create JavaScript-based applications for mobile and web environments.

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What’s a React developer?

Interface design is something that React developers are a key part of. Here is a list with core responsibilities for React Developers.

Front-end development. These gesture-driven features include long-pressing and swiping.

  • Create code. React designers translate wireframes (also known as screen plans) into code. They are able to create and modify HTML tags and CSS selectors.
  • Optimize your application’s functionality.
  • Software testing. React developers must test all aspects of interface development.

What is the best way to become a React developer

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a 22 percent rise in software developer jobs between 2020-2030.

React developers could be the job for you if your interests lie in front-end programming and web design.

  1. Select your focus.

The React library is a front-end development toolkit. Developers use it to manage the view layer in an app. React library only manages elements visible to users. JavaScript is full-stack technology that can be used to create the back-end and front-end of apps.

React is only compatible with the view layer of an application. Aspiring React developers can choose to focus on front-end development or to learn full-stack programming skills.

Front-end web design

React developers primarily focus on front-end programming. This certificate is for entry-level positions and provides valuable skills.

Full-stack web development

Full-stack Developers are responsible for the UI and work with server-side frameworks such as Node.js and Django.

2 The most important skills.

React.js candidates must have a competitive skill-set, even though the field is growing faster than the average.

  • Programming, stylesheets and markup languages. React is a JavaScript-based language.
  • Code repositories. Software developers use code repositories to track and manage their source code history. Build your portfolio with the Introduction to Git and GitHub Google Career Certificate.
  • React developer tool.
  1. Your resume can be improved.

It can be difficult to move into a new job or get experience in a certain field if you don’t know where to begin.

Professional Certificates

A Professional Certificate for UX Design is a way to show off your skills without needing to have any experience.

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