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Garage door keypads are keyless entry systems for garage door openers that permit admittance to the garage. There are many garage door keypads near me in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

The Benefits of Installing a Garage Door Keypad

Convenience: By using a garage door keypad, no longer need to carry a remote or an extra set of keys.

More reliable: The garage door keypad is more reliable because it require fewer repairs and is less prone to malfunctioning. This means that garage door repair cost are lower.

High security: Rolling codes, pins, and fingure print access are provided on a keypad. Rolling codes prevent hackers. Breaking these rolling codes and fingure print access is very difficult. So the garage door keypad has increased security.

Never get locked out: Installing a garage door keypad saves you from a difficult situation, particularly from losing the key and getting locked out.

Less chance of loss: No need to carry a key if a garage door keypad is installed. So the chance of losing is less.

Access for the whole family: Sharing the pin of the garage door keypad with the rest of your family helps to get access for the whole family.

Garage Door Keypad Technology

Garage door keypad technology is the most modern technology introduced to provide security and convenience. The garage door keypad contains a button remote. The keypad requires a personal identification security code to open the garage door. The garage door keypad is always placed outside the garage door. This helps every person with a personal identification security code to enter the garage by opening the door without waiting for a remote or key. The most troublesome aspect of installing a garage door keypad is sorting out which kind of wireless technology is suitable. The universal wireless keypad works on most garage door openers such as LiftMaster, Overhead Door, Marantec, Chamberlain, Genie, Wayne Dalton, Linear, etc. A universal keypad can be used for three different garage door openers with a single code.

Garage Door Keypad System

Installation of the garage door keypad near me is very easy. The various steps involved in garage door keypad system installation are the following.

Installation of Batteries

The first step in garage door keypad installation is the installation of batteries. While installing a battery, the manufacturer’s directions, such as type of battery, number of batteries, etc., should be followed.

Entering a Digital Security Code

Depending on the garage door keypad model, pick a four – six digit code. Push the learn button under the light cover or near the wiring terminal on the garage door opener to enter the digital code in the keypad. After pushing the learn button, the LED light starts to blink. Then enter the new code into the keypad.

Testing the Keypad

Go near the garage door and check whether the keypad is working, I.e., whether the garage door opens and closes with the key code. If the door opens and closes with the code, it is ready for the next step.

Picking a Spot for Keypad Installation

Pick a convenient place to install the keypad. The best place to install the keypad is five feet off the ground on the door jamb of the garage door.

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