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The Box Compression Tester in the Paper and Packaging Industry

To protect materials throughout storage and transportation, the paper and packaging industry believes that packing integrity must be maintained. Box compression tester is an essential tool for evaluating the robustness and resilience of packing materials, making sure they satisfy industry requirements and can endure the rigours of the supply chain. Typically, a Box Compression Tester consists of a loading platform, hydraulic or pneumatic system, force sensors, and data acquisition software. These components work together to apply force evenly to the specimen and capture test results accurately.

Effective Lab India’s specialised tool used to assess the compressive strength and resistance of corrugated boxes, cartons, and packing materials is the box compression tester, commonly referred to as the box crush tester or the box compression test machine. It simulates real-world scenarios to determine how much load a box can withstand before deforming or collapsing.

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