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Marriage is indeed a beautiful journey to go on with your partner, but the path is hard to walk. It is like a roller-coaster that goes up and downs, and in that dangerous ride, you have to be with your partner no matter what. Some people do love marriages, some couples are chosen by destiny itself but the common thing in which both of them fail is the lack of commitments, and if done, keeping it until it is acquired.

Marriage Needs Attention, Love, Care & Respect:

The strongest pillar of the marriage is trust, if trust is broken, there is no returning point.

The sole purpose of getting married is to have a family, and grow old with that person with whom you can share all your sorrows, problems, happiness, and everything.

There are times when you need a person to share your feelings with, and those feelings you cannot share with your family or friends, this is the time when you need a partner, who can fill your life with happiness by giving you extreme support by being non-judgmental.

Try These Things to Keep Your Words for a Happy Marriage

1. Think before you make promises:

The most-effective way to lead a happy married life is by thinking twice before you commit anything. If your partner is asking something from you, discuss with them whether the thing your partner is asking for can be actually given? Check all the possibilities of your work schedule, family, upcoming ventures, and more, and then you can make a decision whether you will be able to give them or not. This is to keep transparency between you two, so that fights won’t take place.

2. Keep a backup plan ready:

A time might come in front of you when you will be asked to do overtime in your office or there might be some urgent work because of which you might need to cancel your plans with mate. In this case, you can make it up to your partner by giving them a present, and expressing why you were not able to make it.

3. Surprises are the best:

There are certain times when you are not able to keep your words. This is the moment when you can plan big surprises for your soulmate.

4. Causes Behind Failed Commitments in Marriages:

Life doesn’t give us an opportunity to waste our time when we are trying hard to achieve something, and this is the time when we need the ultimate support of our partner.

There are people who expect a lot of their partners, and if their partners fail to fulfill their expectations, they get disappointed, and start to find their happiness somewhere else which eventually results in extra-marital affairs.

Other reasons that are the cause of failed commitments is giving false hope to your partners. For instance, you plan for a vacation but you already know that it is not going to happen, in this scenario you should remain straightforward to your partner instead of filling their mind with false hope.

Lack of communication, trust, and most importantly love also are the few reasons because of which people cannot make it work.

Apart from love, and trust – safety is also the root cause of failed commitments. There are many people who suffer from a dark childhood, some see their parents fighting, some see their parents getting divorced, and more. All of these instantly impact their mental health, and hence they fail in keeping words in marriages even if they try their best to keep it.

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