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Hug is indeed a letter created by using just three letters, but it has a powerful meaning behind the term. A simple hug can make a person feel relaxed, and free of stress. There are times when we feel like we are completely alone in this huge world, and nothing is on track. These are the times when a hug can help you out.

If you know that your family member, friend, lover or any relative is going through a tough phase, you must move forward, and give them a tight hug because even if they are not saying, they actually need it because their mind is not at all stable, and trillions of things are running in their mind.

4 Most Popular & Loved Types of Hugs With Their Meaning:

1. Friendly Hug:

Whenever you are in pain, trouble or happiness, a friendly hug received by your partner or friends can do the real magic, that is bringing a big smile on your face. A friendly hug is done when two people hug each other by placing their arms in the upfront direction, and there is a little space between the waists. These hugs are usually given when you meet your friends, relatives or partner after a long period of time.

2. Hugging from behind:

This is a common hug given by a man to his woman. After a hectic day, a surprise hug from behind from your favorite person can make you feel relaxed, and stress-free. It is a closed type of hug in which the person wraps their arms around the person’s neck area or the chest area, and hugs them gently. This hug does not happen between couples only, even parents hug their kids in this manner to express their eternal love for them, and for clicking pictures.

3. Side Hug:

Side hug is a unique type of hug which is not a complete posture of hug because it is done by the side of shoulders. These types of hugs happen between couples when they are not entirely in love but do like the company of each other, and falling in love.

4. Hugging Around the Waist:

When people hug each other around the waist, they come more & more closer, and this creates an intimate moment between the couple that they enjoy. After the waist hug is done, the couple wants to stay together for a few more minutes with each other because they feel a special bond, and connection with the other one, and hate to get separated.

Advantages of Hugging:

  • Hugs release all your stress, and bring a smile on your face.
  • Hugs can boost up your immune system, and can fill energy in your body.
  • Hugs can keep your blood pressure under control, and improves your heart rates.
  • Hugs can help people fighting from depression.

Hug People Around You TODAY:

The world is cruel, and people are fighting with their own battles today. This is the time when you can bring motivation, and trust in people’s life by hugging them, and saying to them that everything will be fine. Don’t forget to hug your parents, friends, kids, siblings, and every person you know whenever you meet them.

The feeling of hugging in happy times varies from the difficult time. So, make sure you are treating your people with this sweet gesture, to make them realize that someone is there to help them out in their rough patch of life.

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