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Teeth – the most sensitive part of our body! When you suffer through tooth pain, it is the toughest phase of life because you just can’t speak, eat or chew for a few days, and the pain covers the ear part as well which is more annoying, and you are left with no other options apart from visiting a dentist.

Another common problem we all come across related to teeth is they start to change to yellowish or pale colour due to a lot of problems. Once it happens, it becomes a daunting task to get whiter teeth later.

Kids eat a lot of chocolates, and sweet dishes, this eventually makes their teeth yellow at a very young age. To prevent them from yellow teeth, train them to brush properly in the morning and evening. 

Make Your Teeth Shine Whiter With These 5 Quick Home Remedies:

  1. Give up smoking:

Smoking kills! It not only finishes a human being but also leaves a bad impact on your health, especially on your teeths. It is indeed a tough task to quit smoking in 1 day but if you want whiter teeth, and want to give up smoking as well, then start trying from today itself!

  1. Brush twice a day:

Brushing twice a day is very beneficial. Whatever we eat during the day leaves minimal particles on teeth which fades the white color away. Before going to bed, brush your teeth once more as it removes all the remaining particles from your mouth, and make your teeth whiter too.

  1. Eat strawberry:

If you love eating strawberries then you are lucky, because strawberries are popular for containing rich enzymes – malic acid. Malic acid present in this beautiful looking fruit whitens the teeth quickly. To apply it on your teeths, mash 2 to 3 strawberries, and rub it on the upper part of your teeth. Once done, brush it off, and see results in a few days.

  1. Eat raw carrots:

Do you know, eating raw carrots can help you in getting whiter teeths? It’s true, and proven! Carrots are known for killing bacteria that reside inside the mouth, and removes plaque resulting in giving you shining and whiter teeths that you wish for.

  1. Use straws:

Whenever you are consuming a drink that is hot or too cold, take a straw to drink it. The reason is if you directly intake a drink it will turn your white teeth into yellowish because of the different types of ingredients present in that particular drink.

Take Care of Your Teeth:

If your personality is amazing but your teeths are not white, it will affect your overall personality. To carry a brilliant personality, it is evident that you take care of every part of your body.

Not only your personality but yellow teeth can do a lot of things inside your mouth, that you won’t even realize, and at the end you will search in need of a dentist. Also, an apple a day keeps a doctor away!

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