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Rearing goats is an economically profitable business, so goat framing has been in its prominent stages for two decades in the US. Other than the milk, some breeds of the goats are also known for meats, such as Boer goats. The capabilities of producing high quality and quantity of meat & dairy are significant reasons behind the increasing popularity of these goats. 

Comparatively, goats are easier to handle and give good returns on their investments. But still, if not taken reasonable care, things might go wrong. Thus, you will have some tips for raising healthy goats in the next segment. 


1. Feed 

Each Boer goat for sale eats two to four pounds a day, depending on the body size, but goats generally survive on herbs, shrubs, leaves, legumes, vegetable and fruit scraps, etc. Also, the requirements are filled by the free grazing. But the goats do require vitamins, minerals, and fibre supplements for a healthy life. Plus, goats do need hay supplements, i.e., roughage, so that their rumen can function correctly. 


2. Vaccination 

The goats are more prone to viral infections, and some common goats diseases are goat pox, fluke infections, Salmonellosis, Brucellosis etc. Also, the primary symptoms indicating goat’s illness are weight loss, affecting meat and milk production, swollen joints, polyarthritis etc. 

So, it is possible to keep goats safe from the diseases mentioned earlier with proper vaccination. Also, it is mandatory to yearly check all the goats so that you can separate the healthier goats from the infected ones. This way, it will be easier to find the animals with potential diseases. 


3. Housing 

Goats are the animals that live in the groups, so building cages will not be a good idea and waste your money. Usually, goats can be sheltered in any open space as long as the place is dry, well-ventilated, has proper drainage, and is disease-free. 

Generally, each goat requires a 15 sq. ft. bedded area to be comfortable, and it is mandatory to build a good fence as goats are the best escape artists of the animal kingdom. Also, the shelter must be capable of maintaining a neutral temperature annually as the majority of goat breeds are incapable of handling extreme hot and cold. 


4. Goat’s Cycles 

Each animal has its cycle of natural events happening around the different times, and the best poultry farm in the US states that to have a healthy goat, you must pay attention to their natural cycles. 

For example, goats gain their reproductive capabilities in the early stages of life, such as young female goat Doelings reaching maturity when they are six months old. The young male goat becomes fertile when around three months old. 


Also, the mating or the reproductive period varies depending upon the breed. For example, the heat cycle of females lasts about 12 to 36 hours before the onset of the next oestrous cycle. Some common symptoms of commencing heat cycle in unbreed female goats are showing continuous affection towards the male, frequent crying, vaginal discharge, swelling around the animal’s vulva and more. 

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