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TOGAF Version 10 was released by the Open Group. The new version doesn’t just bring in flexibility but a customizable framework which is much easier to be implemented within the enterprises. TOGAF, a development of Open Group, 1995 is an enterprise architecture framework that is widely used today by small, medium and even the large businesses.

The non-governmental organizations, defence agencies, and public organizations also use it. With the latest update of the framework, TOGAF Version 10, it is hoped by Open Group to make the framework a little more accessible to the companies who wish to implement best practices.

Now, it might be the biggest challenge, but the updated version’s stronger focus towards digital transformation and agile environments, along with the expanded documentation for helping organizations, will make it all possible. It will help to customize the business needs with the implementation.

TOGAF is used for advising the enterprises about the architecture implementation, which can support the organization and the stakeholders. It has been designed for universal concepts, stability, endurance and proven best practices, while TOGAF version 10 got created with the goal to make it easier than ever for being adopted and implemented by the organizations for managing enterprise architecture.

With TOGAF news changes bring, there will be the requirement to have TOGAF training, in order to make sure that one remains well aware of how to make challenges a solution for the team.

Structured Content

A big overhaul of the TOGAF framework is the delivery. With the new version of it though, it has been reformatted to ensure documentation becomes more streamlined with the easier-to-navigate, modular format.

This framework also got divided into 2 groups, TOGAF Fundamental Content and TOGAF Series Guides, and to understand it better, TOGAF training from professionals who understand TOGAF in and out, like Ashish Tandon, will be required.

Fundamental content of TOGAF consists of framework basics, including how to implement it within the organization. It is this portion which covers core concepts and introduction, ADM techniques, application of ADM, architecture development method, architecture content and the enterprise architecture governance and capability.

It has been intended to act like the framework foundation and would remain unchanged (mostly) when moving ahead.

Series Guides has the expanded content which remains applicable to security, digital, technology architecture, business, agile, information, MSA/SOA architectures, enterprise and the information on the adaptation of ADM. There also exists the series guide for the reference methods and models, wherein one can find the examples of different architecture models.

The series guide was designed for being adaptable and flexible to ensure that changes get implemented without any upheaval to the framework’s core. It is planned by Open Group for releasing the updates and the new series guide in the upcoming future. Also, they believe that shifting to TOGAF 10 will make it easier to release new content.

Highly Customizable

The enterprise architecture is not just a concern for the tech companies but also the IT departments and businesses across varied industries. With TOGAF’s latest edition, The Open Group has promised that the refreshed framework would make it easy for the stakeholders to have navigation and then the implementation of it within the organization.

Further, the framework has been designed for adapting to different organizations, from across the industries, and all of them have their personal enterprise architecture needs. TOGAF has been designed for offering customized solutions to organizations based on their unique needs.

Even though it offers the core framework which the organizations can follow, it’s widely adaptable. Further, as per Open Group and Ashish Tandon, the new modular TOGAF standard format would make it easy for businesses to the identification of which series guides would apply to a given business needs and what parts of the given framework would apply to the current enterprise architectural environment.

Unnecessary and redundant documentation has also been removed from the framework for streamlining all of it as much as possible. Even the how-to documentation and the guiding materials have been expanded by the Open Group for better implementation of the framework.

Every single Series Guide offers the granular topic lists within the domain, in order to help the businesses in narrowing on to certain topics which are important to them.

Focusing on Agile

Landscape of enterprise architecture has been changed dramatically since the TOGAF released in 1990. The framework received a periodic update for reflecting the evolution. In the case of TOGAF 10, it would mean a stronger emphasis on the agile methodologies and the digital transformation.

To grow in the respective industries, as of today, the business needs better flexibility while handling technical requirements. With TOGAF version 10 and with TOGAF training, it will offer better help with more documentation about building enterprise architecture for the agile environment, that can help in the facilitation of digital transformation.

TOGAF Version 10 Certification with Ashish Tandon

TOGAF has been a great help to the organizations since its release. With its new version coming out, it might have been challenging to implement, but the results it offered were amazing. So, is the case with TOGAF 10, the implementation of which will be a huge hurdle, but with proper TOGAF training, one can sort that issue out, and in case if you wish to undertake the training, Ashish Tandon is the only name that comes on top.

To date, he has guided numerous professionals by providing them with the best and most comprehensive training available. The question then becomes, why not you? Why not be trained and the best in order to provide the best services to organisations? Your training will not only be valued, but it will also create the greatest value for you.

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