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best formal dress combination for male

Special occasions are very close to my heart. Attending these events is always a privilege. Usually, casual attire is considered appropriate for such occasions. But few men may have the urge to wear formal dresses to make these events even more special.

In this article, you can find ideas regarding combinations of formal dresses that men can wear on special occasions. The catch is that all the combinations discussed here are affordable too. If you are looking for such ideas continue reading this blog.

List of Combination of formal dresses for men

Formal outfits are workplace wear but you can wear them for a special date too. Yes, there are many other occasions where a formal pant-shirt combination fits well. After all, your aim is to look classy and elegant in the dress that you choose. What can be better for a gentleman than formal wear? Check out the ideas mentioned below for an elegant appearance:

The most common combination that almost every man has in their wardrobe is a shirt and pant. You can select the best formal pant and shirt combination and layer it with a Navy blue blazer. In this combination, if you select a white shirt and grey trousers then they will look amazing together. You will find that in this outfit nothing is matched with each other whereas when combined it will make your formal outfit appear edgier.

Further, you can add a nice pocket square of the same colour as the shirt to complete the look. This outfit is perfect when you want to go on a date for the first time or you are meeting your client outside the office in a bar or a coffee shop.

Men’s all-time favourite combination of formal dresses is a white shirt with chinos and a beige blazer. Any day you can style them in your office. Even other than the office, this outfit is a perfect fit for any special occasion. If you are in a creative field or an entrepreneur who wants to create a versatile look for an event outside their workplace then nothing can be better than this combination. A beige blazer is versatile yet enables you to create a unique appearance when you pair a white shirt and grey or beige chinos with it.

After work, if you have plans to hang out with your friends then just layer a jacket with your formal pant-shirt combination. For this combination of formal dress, you can choose khaki pants. It offers a balance between formal and casual. Also, it’s a different option and will certainly offer a unique look to your traditional black pants.

If you want you can also include a tie it is optional but will equally look impressive on you. Although if you aren’t comfortable with a tie when you are in a casual hang-out with friends then remove it and you are all set to go. These days heated jackets are quite a trend. In place of everyday traditional jackets, you can use them for including some unique cool features to your look.

One of the classic combinations of formal dresses for men is an all-blue combination that is suitable for almost all occasions. In a blue outfit, you can choose navy blue blazers and trousers with a light blue shirt. The key to this outfit is to keep the look simple yet classy. Even though this outfit combination is classic, if you don’t get the fittings right then you may end up looking like a slob.

Being in formal attire also makes you appear neat and crisp. This can be the best formal dress combination for a male when the right fittings are selected. To complete the overall look you can also add a nice printed pocket square with thin blue piping. At times dressing formally may appear to be expensive but if you choose the pieces cleverly from the right websites then surely it is one of the affordable combinations too.

Often you desire to have a formal appearance yet you want to avoid a typical combination of formal dresses. In that situation, formal pants can be replaced with denim. Indigo denim is a timeless piece and is present in almost all men’s wardrobes and never goes out of style. So, you can choose indigo denim and combine cheque shirts with them. White cheque shirts are the best fit as for a long time indigo and white have been together.

If the price is considered then this is one of the affordable combinations that will allow you to look clean and classy. To ensure this combination of formal dresses works for you, keep checking on the fits. Super skinny jeans or too-tight shirts will make you appear weird.

A simple yet impressive outfit option is a combination of a plain t-shirt in white or any neutral colour with blue jeans and a grey blazer. Make sure the t-shirt is of the right fit and of premium quality so that you can remain comfortable while appearing stylish. Use a matching belt and nice tan formal shoes to complete the entire look. If you don’t feel comfortable in your formal shoes then try white sneakers with this combination. It is a perfect combination for a casual night out where you need to add a formal touch to your look.

A cohesive combination of formal dresses will surely make you appear classy. It was believed that casual attire shouldn’t be paired with formal ones. To create a unique and elegant look, you should constantly try different combinations and find the one that suits your personality and is also affordable.

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