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We all have heard and experienced that modern medicines have come a long way in improving the health of people and pets. Recently, holistic medicines have become popular to treat and manage common health conditions, including the natural pet treatment.

Many people are gravitated towards these natural treatments such as they take natural treatment for diabetes in cats and dogs, along with other western medicines. As a result, more pet parents are interested in holistic medicines. Natural treatments and medicines are trustworthy because they have undergone rigorous research and testing to prove their safety and efficacy in pets. That said, we are here with some true and tried natural treatments for pets that will surely help you pacify your canine or feline. Let us have look here.

Essential Oils

As essential oils are good for our skin and body, they are good for our pets too. Essential oils are so called because they are extracted from plants. Primarily, lavender and chamomile essential oils are considered as great herbal remedies for dog anxiety and motion sickness. To ease you canine, you can just add a few drops of any oil to their bedding and let them soak in the goodness of it.

To pacify motion sickness, dab a few drops of lavender or chamomile essential oil on a cotton ball and place in the car near your dog for about 30 minutes. You will soon see the improvement yourself.

Noses of our pets are more sensitive that ours and do not out too much oil so that they get irritated.

Coconut Oil

Besides the essential oils we talked about, coconut oil is a great remedy for dry or itchy skin. When the season becomes harsh specially in the winters, our pets’ paws and noses can become cracked and dry. To bring a solution to this problem, you can use some coconut oil and massage their nose and nails gently. They will feel the difference soon and will remain as playful as ever.

Fish oil and Olive Oil

Original fish oil and olive oil can work wonders for the skin of your pet. Fish oil is full of omega 3 fatty acid supplements and using a small amount of this oil to your pet’s diet can improve their skin and coat. Even if you are looking for natural treatment for diabetes in cats, these oils will come in handy and helpful.

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