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Metal braces, which have been used to straighten teeth traditionally in orthodontics for many years, are still available from the majority of orthodontists and dentists who offer orthodontic services. Given the range of clear plastic aligners that are currently offered, among the various alternatives that are available in this day and age, that might seem strange. It turns out that for some dental patients, the traditional methods are occasionally actually the best options.

Metal braces are made out of metal brackets that are bonded to the patient’s front teeth and joined by arch wires. Every few weeks, the dentist or Orthodontist in Orlando will change the arch wires to shift the patient’s teeth into new, straighter locations. This process takes many months. Most patients need to wear a retainer at night for a set amount of time after treatment is finished to make sure their teeth stay straight.

The benefits of metal braces

Continue reading if you want to learn why some dental patients continue to select metal braces over other options. The several benefits of this conventional orthodontic therapy are listed below.

Practically any orthodontic problem can be resolved with metal braces. Contrary to clear plastic aligners, which normally only work for mild to moderate issues, metal braces can close gaps between teeth, realign teeth, relieve crowding, make teeth appear more projecting, and correct overbites, underbites, and crossbites.

Metal braces cost little money

Generally speaking, this conventional orthodontic approach is less expensive than other, more up-to-date options. In addition to being less expensive initially, metal braces are typically at least partially covered by dental insurance plans.

Braces made of metal are incredibly robust

For the length of the therapy, which normally lasts between one and three years, brackets that are bonded to the patient’s teeth remain in place. The brackets are typically composed of a titanium and steel alloy and are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear that most patients subject them to.

Metal braces cannot be taken off

Although it might not seem like an advantage, it is. The patient can take out their clear plastic aligners to brush, floss, and eat. This may have certain advantages, but it also implies that the patient is mostly responsible for the treatment’s success; if the patient lacks the self-control to wear the aligner trays for the requisite 22 hours every day, the procedure won’t be effective. On the other hand, only a dentist or orthodontist may remove metal braces. Additionally, they provide consistent, continuous pressure to straighten the patient’s teeth as efficiently as possible.

The patient’s oral health and overall quality of life are improved with metal braces. When people with crooked teeth go years without getting them fixed, a range of very bad things can happen. Speech impairments, headaches, jaw pain, bone loss, gum disease, increased tooth decay, disturbed sleep, and even digestive problems might be signs of crooked teeth if they make it difficult for the patient to properly chew their food. Thus, Invisalign in Orlando experts can help you in providing advanced dental solutions.

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