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Red wine is pleasing everyone by it’s delicious flavors, and aroma since an era, but what people don’t know is it has brilliant effects on skin as well. Red wine is not only attractive in color but it is also one of the most prominent drinks that people love to have on their favorite occasions such as valentine’s day, wedding day, and more. It is believed that when you are out with your soulmate, your trip or vacation is incomplete without a super good-looking red wine. Thousands of brands manufacture red wine, and sell them at suitable prices.

If you are fond of red wine, and want to see what it will do to your skin, then you can follow routine for a week to see results. However, it might be possible that red wine doesn’t suit your skin so it is recommended that if you see some side-effect in a day or two, then consult your dermatologist soon to prevent your skin from any kind of damage.

Let’s see what effect you will observe on your skin if you will apply red wine for a week daily:

  1. Apply only red wine:

To start your experiment, initially buy a bottle of red wine by checking what ingredients are present in it, take a cotton or scrub, and apply a minimal amount of wine. Rub it gently, rinse it off after 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Mix red wine with cold cream to use as a moisturiser:

Another way to use red wine is by mixing it with the cold cream, apply it at night time, and wash it off with cold water. Don’t apply soap or use hot water. Simply wash with cold water, and massage your face in a circular direction for 2 minutes, and then rinse it off.

  • Make a face pack with red wine:

We make face packs with a lot of elements. For instance, mixing milk, and turmeric is the common home remedy for glowing skin but if you have never made a face pack with a red wine, then now is the right time to experiment this most-effective. You can mix red wine with honey, lemon, and yogurt and apply it on your face as a pack. Rinse it off after 30 minutes, and see how fresh you feel.

If you do any of these things for a week – on the 5th or 6th day you will start feeling more fresh and observe that all the acnes, pimples, and scars are gone. Also, the other skin damages, and inflammation will be much improved.

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