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Website Structure affects SEO and your Google rankings. The key purpose of website structure is to provide information to website visitors, but why is it important? Why do website designers take website structure seriously? When a web user visits a website, you see information organized or presented to you in a certain way to provide the best user experience, it is known as website structure.

Website structure is architecture or how your website is designed and information is presented. As a business, your website structure is one of the most critical aspects of holding visitors on your platform. If you ask a website designer in Orange County, they will take website structure with utmost priority. Why? Let’s find out:

User experience: If your platform is organized and designed in an appealing manner, it’s easy for users to navigate and explore your website. Thus, websites will have a reduced bounce rate and spend more time on your platform. In addition, it will create a positive impact on your website SEO as google takes bounce rate as a critical negative point.

Enhanced crawling: Search engines use crawlers to check websites and rank on search pages. If your website structure is organized and appealing, it will be easy for crawlers to crawl your website and rank on search pages.

Not competing with content: As a website owner, you might use different blogs for SEO. If your site is not organized, google might not recognize it until you tell them it’s important. An organized website will be easy for crawlers to check out all blog posts and content on your website.

Final Thoughts

Website Structure affects user experience and website ranking, it’s critical for website owners as well as users. Therefore, you need to ensure your website has a set structure and appeals to users. A freelance Website designer in Orange County understands these factors, so you can create an effective and appealing website.

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