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If you have been told by your dentist that you have a gum disease, you are not alone. Known as periodontitis, the disease affects more than half of the Americans over the age of 30. When the condition aggravates, the only gift you get is a tooth loss. Thanks to the advanced treatments and dental technologies, we do not have to leave the condition. Today, we can go for advanced gum disease treatment so that you will never have to lose a tooth.

In the following section, we will explain you how periodontal disease in Phoenix occurs and how to deal with it along with some prevention tips.

The stage of gingivitis to periodontitis

A prominent indicator of a gum disease is inflammation. Whenever you experience inflammation in your body, it is a sign and a way of your body to shield, guard, and protect itself from infection. You can think of it as a blowfish puffing up to scare away predators. While you want to avoid this stage and dealing with inflamed gums, know that you need to act upon the signs and symptoms of gum disease. Do not leave it neglect; gum disease is sneaky and progressive in nature.

Let us tell you the why:

The first stage, gingivitis, occurs when bacteria plaque is not removed from your body thoroughly. When you do not treat gingivitis, periodontitis may develop. Toxins from this buildup of bacterial plaque affect your gum tissue and the bone and also the ligaments that support your teeth. As the infection causes periodontitis to spread to the bone and the supporting tissues, your teeth may become loose and it will need removal. However, even the most advanced cases of periodontal disease do not have to progress to this point.

That said, you can prevent gingivitis in the first stage only. Before you reach the advanced stage and it may need some complex interventions, you have the power to reverse your gingivitis. It is easy to reverse the condition with daily brushing and flossing and regular professional care. Your oral dental care plays a pivotal role here.

As plaque has settled on your teeth and it is trying to harm your gums and teeth, the inflammation in the form of gingivitis is your body’s response to fight infection. While bacteria are the main culprit, the other factors increase the intensity of the disease. Some factor includes hormonal changes, smoking, medications, and more.

Gum bleeding is the first sign of gingivitis and there are a few additional signs as well. Recognizing and treating early signs of gingivitis will allow you to stop the progression further.

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