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Have you ever headed the term “impacted tooth” from your orthodontist or emergency dentist in Kitchener? If so, know that you have developed a tooth, which has erupted out of nowhere and as it has come out, it is troubling the other tooth nestling in its neighborhood.

What are the causes of such an awkward eruption?

Many things in our lives are responsible for the development of an impacted tooth. Let us see some common causes here.


As we said, different things and instances can cause an individual to have an impacted tooth. However, genetics are to blame oftentimes. In case your father or mother had an impacted tooth in their lives, the chances are you will also have similar kind of an impacted tooth.

Wisdom Teeth

An impacted wisdom tooth is quite commonplace and many people experience the same. Most of the time, it is just that the wisdom tooth doesn’t have the right space to grow.

Baby teeth not falling out

You will notice that the baby teeth in a few children do not fall out so easily and this develops into a condition called impacted tooth. The permanent teeth will grow on their time but when the baby teeth haven’t fallen, the new tooth gets trapped because they have something blocking their path. In such cases, either the permanent tooth will never erupt or it will come out from a wrong angle. This causes harm to the roots of the neighboring teeth and push them into unhealthy positions.

How do you fix an impacted tooth?

If you already know you have an impacted tooth and you experience pain, the first thing you should do is to call your emergency dentist Kitchener and get it checked. For an experienced dentist, fixing an impacted tooth is quite simple. However, if the treatment is delayed, it can become fairly complicated. The path of the treatment will depend on the position of the impacted tooth and the direction it is trying to come in.

Extracting Baby tooth

Most of the times, a child gets an impacted tooth because the baby tooth is not ready to fall out. One of the easiest solutions for this in dentistry in Kitchener is asking your dental professional to extract baby tooth and to allow space for the permanent tooth to erupt right in its place. Nevertheless, the extraction doesn’t guarantee anything. The dentist cannot assure you that the new tooth will now come in place.

You must know that the permanent teeth are larger in size than baby teeth, and many people genetically doesn’t have the space to accommodate these teeth.

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