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Having a baby is a blessing given by God. But sex is a necessisty of body for both men and women, and it is not mandatory that people should stop having sex once they had a baby. Sex is not only a form of recieving pleasure but it is a gesture of showing love to your partner, and there are many partners who believe in not having sex after having a baby.

In a recent Questions & Answers session with Rachana Awatramani, a woman asked a question to her:

  1. After my baby was born, me and my husband haven’t had sex or physical intimacy. In the initial stage, I used to feed my baby, at that time he refused to have sex because our child was on my feed but now he has grown up, and I had stopped feeding him. Still, my husband, don’t want to have sex, and he finds excuses everytime. I am afraid, is there any problem between us?

To this question, Rachana Awatramani gave a very simple, and practical reply saying:

  1. As having sex is a biological need, it is important for couples to perform physical intimacy to grow more stronger together, and cherish their relationship. As per your question, if your husband is rejecting the vibe, then ask him first what is the problem.

2. If you think, there is no financial stress or other stress, talk with your husband that you feel embarrassed to initiate every time, and try to find out the reason behind why he is not interested in having sex.

3. If your marriage is having some problems, but you still love him, and want to be with him, then you can visit your marriage counsellor as well if you both together are not able to find a solution for your relationship problems. Many times, if your spouse is not happy with you then also they lose interest in not only sex but many things.

If all is good between you two, then the best option to go with is communication. Share your problems with each other, give time & space, and spend some quality time with each other. This will make your bond stronger, and this problem will feed away for sure.

Rachana Awatramani is one of the most talented, and highly experienced psychologists who gives expert advice in relationships. As a profession she calls herself a Happiness Life Coach, and provide relevant services.

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