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All the breasts are not the same! Choosing the right bra for your breast type is very important. If you fail to choose the right bra for your breast type you can face many issues such as being uncomfortable, not feeling confident, breathing issues and the list can go on and on. Women are often very picky when it comes to choosing the right set of clothes then why not be picky when it comes to choosing the right bra for your breast type?

Below mentioned are some of the most common breast types and what bra styles would be the best fit.

Thin Breasts

The thin breast shape appears to be thinner and longer than wide. Women with smaller breasts can wear a contour, light-padded, plunge, and push-up bra as it will help to lift it upwards and will make it look fuller.

Uneven Breasts

Uneven breast shapes are when both breasts are not of the same size. One breast can be larger than the other breast. They are asymmetrical in size. Though the difference is not so noticeable between the sizes but women with these types of the breast can wear a push-up, contour cup, softly – padded and plunge bars.

Conical Breasts

Conical breast shapes are characteristically cone-shaped rather than round. Commonly women who are a C-cup or smaller can wear a padded bra to enhance the appearance.

Shallow Breasts

If you are looking to add plumpness to the bust line then a push-up bra with crescent-shaped padding is what you are looking for as it will lift the breast and will bring it together and will make it look fuller.

Splayed Breasts

Splayed breast shape is the type which gravitates in the direction of the outside of your torso, pointing it outward towards the east to the west leaving some space in between the center of your chest. A T-shirt bra can remove the space in-between and can bring them towards the center. It will provide you all the shaping you need.

Self-Supported Breasts

Self-supported breast shape can be described as regular breast type. Pretty much any type of bra can work. Bra or no bra these types of breasts are fully supported and women who have this kind of breast shape can flaunt themselves in any type of bra.

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