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It is a big decision to work with a fiduciary financial advisor, and if you have taken this decision in your life, we want to congratulate you for the same. Working with a fiduciary financial advisor in Florida is an important decision and if you fail to work with one, you may end up in a difficult financial situation. Especially, when you are earning good for your life, it is essential to channel your funds well, and a financial planner in Sandy Springs will help you with it.

Talking about the profession of a fiduciary financial advisor in Atlanta, anyone can learn the basic principles of finance and call himself a financial planner, but there are some specific groups of professionals who are required by law to offer financial service and product recommendations that are in the best interests of their clients. Such professionals deserve to be called fiduciaries or fiduciary financial advisors in Atlanta. Taking their help and advice will help you take responsible decisions in money and financial matters.

So, what is a fiduciary?

In simple words, fiduciary refers to a professional who is required by law to act in the best interest of his clients. These professionals are hired to manage assets, such as investment portfolio or property for their clients. The professionals can range from lawyers to financial advisors, estate executors and real estate agents. They also recommend financial strategies to their clients that fully benefit a specific client’s economic situation. Fiduciaries are also hired to disclose or avoid any conflicts of interests of their clients.

That said, fiduciaries carry out the following two main duties while managing money:

Care: Under this duty of care, fiduciaries are required to make informed decisions by reviewing all the available information about the financial life before they make any decisions about your finances.
Loyalty: Under the duty of loyalty, a fiduciary must not position their interests first. For example, pushing through a financial product only because his commission is attached to the deal.

That said, a fiduciary advisor is a financial professional, who is legally and ethically bound to act in the interests of their client. Fiduciary advisors must prioritize their needs of clients and keep them above their personal needs. It simply means that fiduciary advisors are supposed to recommend investments and products based only on the needs of the client, not something that brings pleasure and money to the advisor. These advisors are also legally obligated to disclose any potential conflicts of interests that they may have.

Overall, we want to say that not all financial planners in Sandy Springs are fiduciaries. Because only fiduciary advisors will place your interests over theirs.

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