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The most expensive and generally regarded as the safest method of cab transportation. The only taxis permitted to operate for hire are black cabs, which you can wave down on the street and board if the light on the roof is on. Black Taxi drivers possess a high level of ability and extensive route knowledge.

Outsiders have long associated London with Big Ben, red phone booths, and the fabled black cabs. There is a long and fascinating history behind the city of London’s close relationship with its black taxis. The first formal carriages appear in the middle of the 17th century, and since then, there have been numerous alterations. In the past 50 years, a new class of taxis—known as minicabs—that provide services comparable to traditional taxis have emerged.

Black cabs were created with the goal of navigating London’s complex streets. Since many black taxi drivers drive their own cars, they are frequently immaculate and well-kept. The taxis you see parked at train stations and other taxi ranks throughout the UK are (or ought to be) regulated by their local councils and run on Private Hire licences. The licencing procedure is generally well-regulated, as is the need that taxi vehicles be roadworthy. Drivers must have passed several driving proficiency tests, as well as background checks for their health and criminal activity.

Black taxis as they are today are regenerating into electrical energy with zero emission vehicles. The future of taxi production lies with new electric vehicles. Soon, “green cabs” will take the place of all outdated diesel vehicles. Black cans and minicabs both exhibit this tendency. Today, there are a tonne of businesses that provide online booking, online price comparison, mobile apps for car rental, and many other cutting-edge advancements.

If you need to travel someplace but are not at a taxi station or in an area where Uber or black cabs operate, calling for a minicab is typically an alternative. Only jobs that have been scheduled in advance are accepted by minicabs, thus it’s best to do this through a reputable local operator. Always be wary if a taxi driver comes over and offers to transport you to your destination because unlicensed “cowboy operators” do exist, sadly.

Black Taxi is an integral element of London’s urban landscape, just like red phone booths and Big Ben’s tower, and they’re a convenient method to move around the city. Go on a traditional black taxi tour across lively London! Your private driver will either entirely take control of your 2-hour itinerary or work with you to plan the ideal one, taking you to all the major sights in London. Go at your own pace and ask for stops so you can take pictures, buy a memento, or get a closer look at a particular location.

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