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3D photography

In the present scenario, we have more than one internet-enabled device having digital cameras with 3D image apps. The next question will be why hire a 360 photo booth rental in Los Angeles for your business events. Yet, nothing can match the latest 360-degree photo booth at your event to capture your product launch, brand promotion, or thanksgiving event much more promotional than photos taken by professional photographers or smartphones. It is why start-ups, corporate, enterprises, and other professionals hire a 3D photo booth for their events or functions.

Difference between 3D photo Booths and Other 3D Camera Devices with 3D Apps

The way 3D Spinning Photo Booth gives a picture and video output are not the same or above what you get from other 3D camera devices.

The professional photographer serves your event with A to Z works of taking selfies and videos and promoting your events. Your staff taking photos and videos cannot print or give edited output on the spot.

A 360-degree photo booth camera spinning speed cannot be achieved with your smart camera devices.

A professional service from 360 photo booth Los Angeles enables your 3D photos to send via Wi-Fi and can share in photo-sharing apps and sites by editing to your desired levels.

A 360-degree spinning photo booth can be set up open and indoors at your event functions within 15-minutes.

The 3D technology is used by modern photo booth owners in Los Angeles. They have the latest in 3D digital cameras and digital printing devices.

They have one the excellent photo editors in 3D imaging.

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The output that a 360-degree spinning booth gives will not match the smart camera devices you have on smartphones, tablets, and any digital cameras by using 3D apps. It is why you need professional help from photo booth rental service providers in Los Angeles.

They add value to your event with 3D photos and video promotion lives. If you live to stream your event, a 3-D photo booth can instantly share photos and videos with your guests who cannot attend your product launch in LA.

Price of 360 Photo Booth Rentals Hire in Los Angeles

Commercial and households can hire a 360 photo booth rental in Los Angeles. The rental hire price varies with the events. The business events will cost more than the birthday or marriage ceremony functions in a home or venue. Yet, you can expect a minimum of $ 250 per hour on a 3D spinning photo booth. They charge for 4 hours with a limited number of photos. Any number of photos crossing the limit will be charged. Many photo booth rentals in LA do give unlimited photos within the timeframe of an event.

It would help if you could compare the price of the top 10 Spinning Photo Booth for hire in LA. It will be better to check their website or call them and inquire. It is advisable to mention your photo booth needs and the type of event or function you will organize. They do give you some 3D photo booth ideas.


A 360 photo booth in Los Angeles is in demand to share instant photos and videos of an event. Today, they use image capturing and printing technology in 3D formats. The professional photographers edit them in your preferred themes and give you soft and hard copies of your event. It would help if you could read some 3D photo booth reviews online and hire a trusted photo booth service provider with a spinning photo booth.

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