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Regular church attendance has positive effects on mental health. You’ll experience less dread, worry, and anxiety. People who go to church do experience these problems, but when we can keep our attention on the goal of going to church—to be in God’s presence—we have hope.


The church is filled with many people. You will meet friends, find godly mentors, and other like-minded people to hang out with if you go consistently.

God placed us in a community because He understands that it is the most effective approach to strengthen the faith.

Children can learn about God’s love by going to the Compass Church in Navarre Florida

Many people believe that kids can’t understand what they’re learning in church, but it’s been seen that kids who have faith can bring their family to Christ.

Springboard for leadership

The church is one of the fantastic settings to pick up leadership abilities and put them into practice in an accepting community. You can volunteer in the majority of congregations, which enables you to hone abilities like oration, organization, and public speaking.

Access to resources that you might not otherwise have had

People who are frequent in Compass Church in Navarre Florida are familiar with a lot of individuals who asserted that before starting to attend church, they were unable to read. Others have obtained resources to start enterprises, access to scholarships to pay for their schooling, and coaching and mentoring to become better versions of themselves.

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