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We all are aware that clear aligners are a great alternative to metallic braces. While the conventional braces are painful and make cleaning and oral hygiene more difficult, these aligners are quite easy going. They are pain-free and they can align your teeth very well by resolving all the alignment and bite issues.

Whenever a person is asked to take up Invisalign in San Antonio, he begs a question – how long does he need to wear aligners in a day? Let us try to answer it here.

The number of hours for which you have to wear your aligners will depend upon the severity of your problem and the treatment plan suggested. Your orthodontist may tell you to wear aligners for longer hours or shorter hours. It all depends upon what your dental expert suggests, what your treatment plan entails, and what are the end goals.

On an average, patients will wear clear aligners for anywhere between 6 to 12 months, however some patients are even told to wear aligners for as long as 18 months.

When you go to your orthodontist for Invisalign in Stone Oak, do not keep any personal prejudices. Do not think that you can wear aligners for a shorter duration and still do away with the objective. Even if the goals look simple and easy to achieve, you will still need a comprehensive treatment plan to reach your objective. Moreover, different factors will come into play that will determine the length of your treatment and the duration for which you need to have those aligners in your mouth. Only your orthodontist can provide you with the most accurate estimate.

What will determine how long someone must wear clear aligners?

As we said earlier, it will all depend upon your treatment plan and the way your teeth respond.

Every individual’s tooth anatomy is different and for some, their teeth will move slower than the rest. This anatomy will also determine the length of time you will need to wear aligners. We have observed that the teeth of teenagers move quickly than adults, and so, teens need to wear aligners for a shorter duration. However, this may not be true always. There are some teens whose teeth move slowly and some adults whose teeth move quickly.

Another factor that will determine how long someone wears clear aligners is the orthodontic goals they carry. In case you need to correct multiple problems, there is a likelihood that you need more time.

What many people do not realize is that discipline plays a major role in how the treatment works. These clear aligners must be worn for 22 hours in a day and it should only be taken out when you eat or drink something other than water. Unfortunately, many patients lack discipline and they have a hard time remembering to wear their aligners. This will make the treatment take longer than planned.

Know the length of time from your orthodontist.

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