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A unique technique to straighten your teeth and get the smile of your dreams is with Invisalign. Invisalign has a number of benefits over conventional metal braces. More comfort, improved oral health, more freedom, and quicker treatment times are a few advantages.

Heightened comfort

Smart technology is used by Invisalign to enhance patient comfort. Several patients report that Invisalign is not just easy to put on and take off, but also comfortable to wear. Metal brackets and arch wires found on traditional braces have the potential to irritate your mouth’s sensitive tissues. Several people report having a very unpleasant experience with the brackets. Patients frequently apply wax to the sharp edges of their inflexible braces. Wax is not necessary with Invisalign because the soft plastic aligner offers a great level of comfort.

Improved dental health

Better oral health results from Invisalign in Kyle treatment both during and after the process. Invisalign users take out their aligners to take care of their oral hygiene routine. Most teeth are covered by traditional braces, brackets, and arch wires, making it challenging to clean around them. Patients frequently require specialized flossing equipment to reach around the metal appliances.

Patients with Invisalign can also have their teeth fixed and improved while undergoing treatment. Sometimes patients who have braces must delay their therapy until after their braces treatment. Last but not least, because it is challenging to clean around traditional braces, patients with them frequently develop dental decay and gum disease following their treatment. After receiving Invisalign treatment, patients frequently no longer experience these tooth issues.

With Invisalign, patients are free to take off their transparent aligners whenever they choose. There is no way to take off traditional braces when you eat or brush your teeth. With Invisalign, patients can enjoy a variety of their favorite sticky, chewy, and hard foods. Replace the clear aligner after removing it, eating your favorite foods, and washing your teeth and aligners.

On the other hand, early orthodontic intervention at the age of 6 or 7 makes it simpler to handle issues like crowding. The jaw is widened prior to the development of the permanent teeth to allow space for the teeth to break through the gums.

The problems caused by crooked and misaligned teeth are fixed by Braces in San Marcos. The alignment of the teeth and jaws as well as the bite are improved by the tooth movement, which also affects the overall appearance of the face.

Decreases the likelihood of protruded teeth chipping

Children who have projecting teeth lack sufficient lip protection, leaving them vulnerable to knocks and falls. Their front teeth may be harmed or lost as a result of this. Braces can solve the problem of protruding teeth.

Resolution of speech obstruction

Because the tongue cannot be properly positioned when the upper teeth are heavily overlapping the lower teeth, this causes a whistling sound to be produced when speaking. Braces can correct an overbite and fill the spaces between the teeth.

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