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Eating at Steakhouse Raleigh NC is a challenge for people with seafood allergies. Call the restaurant beforehand to ensure that the allergies do not flare up. Before going to the restaurant, look through the menu online to see their food options.

Can I Check The Menu?

Before you show up at the restaurant, it is best if you call them. Check their menu and ask them about the items on there. Check if dishes are made with certain items that may trigger your allergies.

Can I request dishes that do not have allergens?

After checking the restaurant’s menu, you can request the chef to avoid the ingredients that flare up your allergies. If there is a dish that you like to have, request them to prepare it safely.

How do I tell the staff about my allergies?

Always be vocal about your preferences. Tell the chef about your allergies, so they know what to avoid. Ask them about the ingredients they used to prepare the dishes. Discuss the food options and tell them what you prefer eating.

Should I inform the staff about the hidden triggers?

If you are allergic to foods like dairy or certain sauces, call the restaurant to know what kind of garnishes and sauces they use. Alert the restaurant about your dietary needs, like gluten- and dairy-free.

What kind of dishes should I order?

Ordering simple dishes is the best way to avoid allergies while eating out. With the simple dishes from Steakhouse Raleigh NC there are fewer ingredients, which means fewer chances of cross-contamination. Therefore, the chances of allergies are also minimum.

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